Biomat Professional

The Biomat Professional is very popular with health and wellness professionals around the world. Far infrared energy and negative ion therapy are known to perfectly compliment many health and wellness treatment styles. It is the perfect size fit for the standard treatment table. It can be used on any flat surface. It is easy to transport and store.

Health and Wellness Providers, First Responders, and Veterans qualify for $100 Discount.

(Pictured here with the Biomat Pillow which has the therapeutic advantage of keeping patients head cool during high heat treatment. Sold separately.)

Biomat Mini

The Biomat Mini is a perfectly sized self-care solution for treating any area of the body. The far infrared penetrating heat produced by the Biomat Mini is useful for pain reduction, increased circulation, and reducing inflammation.

Orgone Biomat

The Orgone Biomat is designed specifically to go on top of a queen or king size mattress and deliver gentle far infrared and negative ion therapy during sleep. The Orgone Biomat is the more comfortable and less intense cousin to the original Biomat.


The Biobelt is the smallest and most versatile version of Biomat. It delivers far infrared energy to specific areas of the body. It comes with a velcro belt (size Regular or XL) to hold it in place to ensure proper placement over specific body parts. Biobelt produces far infrared energy which is used for pain reduction, increased circulation, inflammation reduction, increased digestive enzyme activity, increased organ tissue detox.

Biomat Single

The Biomat Single is designed to deliver far infrared and negative ion therapy for an individual. It can be used atop a single size mattress or any flat surface.

Biomat Queen

The Biomat Queen is perfect for use by two people atop a queen-sized mattress or any flat surface. The Biomat Queen includes a dual control unit for two people individual comfort.

Biomat King

The Biomat King is designed to deliver far infrared and negative ion therapy for two person use. It can be used atop a king size mattress or any flat surface. It includes a dual control unit for two person comfort adjustment.


Quantum Energy Pad

Biomat’s Quantum Energy Pad is designed to go over the top of a Biomat during sleep to improve comfort and experience. The design of the Quantum Energy Pad allows the important far infrared and negative ion benefits of Biomat through while adding padding for comfort.

Quantum Energy Pad Biomat
Biomat Pillow

Biomat Pillow

The Biomat Pillow is an essential part of the Biomat healing practices for individuals who prefer a cooler and less intense Biomat far infrared treatment above the shoulders. The Biomat Pillow does not have an energy source like other Biomat products and therefore does not produce the same intensity of penetrating far infrared heat. The Biomat Pillow cover has alternating rows of superconducting amethyst and tourmaline crystals which interact with the energy of the human body to make a gentle Biomat experience above the shoulders.

Biomat Waterproof Cover

The Biomat Waterproof Cover is designed to protect the Biomat from sweat, oils, and dirt. It is an excellent addition to a health or wellness treatment environment where Biomat needs to be wiped down between treatments.

Biomat Waterproof Cover
Biomat Cotton Pad

Extra 100% Cotton Pad for Biomat

The Orgone Biomat uses gentle far infrared and negative ion therapy to improve the body’s natural rejuvenating and restorative sleep process. During sleep, the body completes repair, rebuild, and detox processes that are very important to balanced, successful, and happy living. The gentle far infrared rays and negative ions produced by the Orgone Biomat are known to penetrate the body at a very deep level and have a profound effect at the cellular level during sleep.

Richway Detoxi Salt

Detoxi Salt is a high-quality sun dried sea salt. It has the special purpose of supporting hydration during Biomat use or after intense exercise.

Add up to a teaspoon to a glass of water with a bit of honey or sugar to prevent dehydration before high heat therapy with a Biomat or to balance electrolytes after high-intensity exercise.

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