Biomat Ultra Combo


Choose from either 2 FREE Biomat Pillows or Three other Free Gift Options During The Black Friday Sales Event! Plus FREE shipping  when you order direct from That’s up to a $890.00 VALUE!!!*

The Biomat Ultra Combo includes the Biomat Professional, the Biomat Mini, and a Biomat Pillow. This product combination is the ultimate choice for individuals who wish to receive the benefits of far infrared from below and above for certain body parts.

The Biomat Professional delivers far infrared therapy from below while an individual lays on it. Then Biomat Mini can be used to deliver far infrared therapy from above by placing it on desired body parts. The Biomat Pillow is used to deliver a cooler and more gentle far infrared experience to the head and neck area.

Wellness professionals, military personnel, and first responders please choose the 100.00 professional discount.

*Free Gift  option will be provided via a certificate to the customer approximately 2 weeks after the order has been placed.

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Biomat® Ultra Combo

Ultra Combo, Ultra Combo with Professional Discount

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