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The Biomat Videos below will provide information about what time Biomat is and other Richway Products that are designed to work synergistically with your Biomat. After Reviewing them, you will know the unique benefits, features, and protections you get when you order a Genuine Biomat direct from Biomats.com.  It will also help to clear up a lot of the misconceptions that  customers have been lead to believe. The internet is the “Wild West” sometimes and it is easy to be mislead by fancy advertising. Watch the Biomat Videos and learn the truth. Then you will know why the Biomat is the only choice for those that want the best for their families or their clients.   Nothing matches or beats a Richway Biomat. See for yourself why.

What is The Biomat Video

If you want to know What the Biomat is and What Doctors are saying about it, then this Biomat Video will provide great insight. If you want to know more about individual Richway Products and Which Biomat is ideal for you, We recommend that you also take a look at the Richway Biomat Overview Video

The Richway Biomat Professional

Introducing the Biomat Professional, the ultimate workhorse in Richway’s Biomat lineup. Originally designed for wellness professionals, it has now become a beloved choice for home and personal use. Experience the latest version of the Biomat Professional, packed with numerous upgrades over previous models. In this video, we showcase the many features that can only be found in a genuine Richway Biomat. Get your own Biomat Professional today, direct from Biomats.com. Transform your well-being with the power of genuine Richway technology.

The Biomat Mini Offers Great Versatility

The newly redesigned Richway Biomat Mini—a compact, versatile, and budget-friendly option that provides the same incredible benefits as its larger counterpart, the Professional Biomat. Whether you’re constantly on the go or prefer using your Biomat in various settings like chairs or other spaces, the Biomat Mini is perfect for you. In this Biomat Mini Review video, we demonstrate the possibilities and creative ways to utilize your new Biomat Mini.  Secure your Biomat Mini today to enhance your well-being.

Quantum Energy Pad For Your Biomat

Discover the perfect complement to your Biomat experience—the Quantum Energy Pad! If you desire extra softness and an enhanced overall experience, all while ensuring there’s no risk of negative off-gassing (Which is a real concern when using a random topper), then the Quantum Energy Pad is your ideal choice. In this video, we delve into what sets the Quantum Energy Pad apart, highlighting its unique features, and explaining how it can be paired with any size Biomat or even used on its own. Take your Biomat journey to the next level with the Quantum Energy Pad at Biomats.com today!

The Biomat Budget Combo

This Powerful Biomat Combo is a great chose for those who need very targeted 360 Infrared and Biomat Energies to very specific parts of the Body. All at a price point that is less than The Biomat Professional.  The Biomat Budget Combo combines the Biomat Mini and the BioBelt. While each on their own is a great tool on your wellness journey. Together they can be even more impressive and offer even Greater Versatility!  Get your Biomat Budget Combo Direct from Biomats.com Today!

Did I Really Buy A Biomat?

This Biomat Video will help answer the question; Why are the so many “Biomats?”  The Truth is, There is only one Richway Biomat, there are things that are made to “LOOK LIKE” the Biomat. See why things are made to look like the Biomat and decide for yourself if you want the best for you and your family or if one of the other options are right for you. If you know you want the Richway Biomat  but budget may be an issue, give us a call. We have Interest free financing options  on New Biomats and also have Demo Biomats Available for those want to get the Best, but may be on a tighter budget.

Meditate on the Biomat

Nothing beats a quick 15-30 minute recharge on your Biomat. It is often just the boost you need to help feel relaxed and re-balanced, to help get you through the rest of your day. Well, as good as that might be. Many owners of the Biomat are surprised by how doing a meditation on the Biomat can help them reach an ever deeper level of relaxation and enjoyment. Let Jessica Meils, a practiced Meditative guide and Intuitive Healer, help lead you into your next Biomat Session to help make the most of your Biomat Session.

Why Does The Richway Biomat Cost More?

The Richway Biomat has been in production for 22 Years. During that time countless hours of Research and Development have gone into improving and upgrading the Biomat. Richway has never been about providing a product that is just “Good Enough,” That option is available with other lower quality options available to you.  But if you make that choice to purchase a lesser mat, IT SHOULD BE YOUR CHOICE! Not a choice you made from misleading marketing information. This Biomat Video will answer the question as to why the Biomat cost more than a heating pad with stones on it.  Learn the truth, then make an informed decide when you make your purchase.

Protect Your Biomat...While Enhancing the Infrared!!!!

Biomat Video: Mega Bio Cleanse 365

The Biomat Provides External energies to the Body. Mega Bio Cleanse 365 is made to support Gut Health, Which is an area that is often over looked. This Biomat Video will go into some of the Benefits of Mega Bio Cleanse. It is a Great Stand alone item, But when paired with the Infrared and other energies provided by the Biomat, it is a Great combination. Learn More at MegaBioCleanse.com

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