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The Biomat Comfort Combo includes a Biomat Professional and a Quantum Energy Pad professional size. This Biomat product combination is perfect for individuals who desire more comfort during Biomat therapy sessions.

This combo includes the Biomat Professional and the Biomat Pillow. It is our most basic product combination for wellness professionals. This is also a great combination for any individual who wants full strength far infrared for the body and a lighter more gentle far infrared therapy for head and neck.

Wellness professionals, military veterans, and first responders get a  $100.00 professional discounts.

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Biomat® Professional Combo

Professional Combo, Professional Combo with Discount

Biomat Professional Pricing

Biomat Professional, Biomat Professional with Discount

1 review for Biomat Professional Combo

  1. David Gramling

    The Value in this combo is really great because the pillow keeps the head cool and I feel my body then gets even more comfortable for the infrared. My neck notices when I don’t use the pillow. This combo has been very helpful

    • (verified owner)

      The Biomat Professional Combo is the set that provides complete head-to-toe Biomat Energies to the Body. One of the major limitations to a traditional Sauna is the heating of the entire body to include the head and the brain. The biomat pillow provides gentle Infrared without the associated kinetic heat outside of the infrared spectrum. To really upgrade this experience add the BioAcoustic Mat to experience Amethyst based infrared along with low hertz whole body vibration and Binary entrainment

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