Biomat Professional and Mini Combo


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The Biomat Professional and Mini Combo includes a Biomat Professional and a Biomat Mini. This product combination delivers a more thorough and complete far infrared therapy. The combined therapy of the two products allows the user to experience the greatest circumference and depth of far infrared treatment to any body area.

The Biomat Professional delivers far infrared from beneath on any flat surface while the Biomat Mini can be used to cover any specific body areas. With this combination, it is possible to wrap body parts in far infrared therapy for maximum benefit.

Wellness professionals, military personnel, and first responders please choose the 100.00 professional discount.


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Biomat® Professional and Mini Combo

Professional and Mini Combo, Professional and Mini Combo with Discount

3 reviews for Biomat Professional and Mini Combo

  1. Jamie Peguero

    We use both of these together at massage training and run them at the house for everyone to have a chance to get the far-infrared. The mix of the biomat and mini mat are impactful.


      The Biomat Professional & Mini Combo is one of the best sets you can have. it provides maximum Biomat Energies to the body when 1 person is doing an intense session or trying to focus on specific areas of the body, Like the Breast, lungs, or prostate for example. When not being used for an intense session, it allows for the best versatility and may customers find that multiple members of the family can use the Biomat at the same time.

  2. angel

    I love the Biomat. It has helped me so much, with sore muscles, calming my nerves system, warming my bones. I cant live without one. The mini is nice for traveling and in my bed at night.

  3. Amy L.

    We now have both the professional and the mini. I am using the professional just about daily for the aches and pains I experience with stage 4…. It is AMAZING and super relaxing…so much so I often found my husband on it when I wanted to use it. He bought the mini so we could both be getting the healing frequencies of infrared at the same time! It is also great for travel when we get back to that:) I know lots of cancer patients who use both at the same time to work up a sweat and they swear by that too. Next up…the BioAcoustic Mat!


      It is good to hear how much you love your Biomat. At its core, the Biomat was designed to help provide temporary pain relief and temporary pain management where applied . We are also excited for you to get your BioAcoustic Mat. If you thought you loved your Biomat before… just wait until you add 2 new modalities (Binaural Entrainment & Low Hetz Vibro Acoustic energy) to your Biomat experience!!!

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