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Biomat Single is the perfect size to deliver wonderful healing far infrared and negative ion therapy to one person at a time. It will fit nicely on a single size bed or any flat surface measuring at least 39.37″ wide and 78.74″ long.

The benefits of the far infrared and negative ion therapy provided by Biomat include reduced stress, pain, and inflammation which will lead to better sleep. Because sleep is the time when our bodies do the most restoration and repair better sleep leads to better living. Biomat far infrared and negative ion therapy technology support the body’s natural process during sleep.

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The Biomat Single is approximately 10 inches wider and 6 inches longer than the Biomat Professional. It will allow you to spread out a little bit more and relax during your deep penetrating therapeutic experience. It is designed to be more stationary than the Biomat Professional. It uses 65 channels of superconducting natural amethyst crystals. It is an excellent addition to a single person size sleeping space. Biomat is known for improving sleep. During sleep, our bodies do repair and restoration work on body tissues. Adding far infrared and negative ion technology to sleep is a great way to ensure that the body is supported in doing its absolute best at repair and restoration. The Biomat Single comes with a control panel, travel bag, and 100% cotton cover.

What you can expect from the Biomat Single:

  • improved sleep
  • reduced pain
  • minimized inflammation
  • increased circulation
  • reduced stress

Consider adding the Quantum Energy Pad on top of your Biomat to improve comfort for sleep. Or check out our Orgone Biomat for Improved Sleep for Biomat technology used exclusively for improved sleep.

General Biomat Single information:

The Biomat Single includes a control unit for user comfort, a duffel bag for travel, and a Biomat Cotton Pad. Biomat technology is always meant to be used with the 100% cotton pad to reduce the experience of conductive heat on the skin to allow for the greater benefit of penetrating far infrared heat. Order an Extra Biomat Cotton Pad here.


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