Richway International


A global company with humble beginnings. Richway has thrived because of a simple philosophy of helping others to help themselves by way of the Richway Biomat. A unique FDA approved Medical device that has helped millions of people around the world.

1995› Jeanna and Calvin

Life Before Richway Fuji Bio

Jeanna and Calvin Kim, like many of us, lived very stressful lives. While both where successful in the jewelry industry. The stress of maintaining a thriving company that had employees depending on them mixed with the competitive nature of the jewellery industry had taken its toll.  Leading to array of health issues resulting from stress for the both of them. But like the rest of us they had to provide for their family and employees who counted on them. They also had no way to address these issues so they kept moving froward even at the expense of their own health.


Path to Enlightenment

While some say events seem to happen by chance others firmly believe that things happen for a reason. In the case of Mr and Mrs Kim, the autumn of 1996 either by chance or a higher design would mark a turning point in their lives. It began with the opportunity to purchase a jade mine for their thriving jewelry business presented itself. However, things quickly changed as Calvin witnessed literally four-hundred or more people  coming to the jade mine for therapeutic benefits.



Seeing isn't Believing

With so many people sitting in his mine showing positive improvements in the ares that troubled many of them, Calvin decided to put the healing power of his companies jade mine to the test by seeing if the jade could help his back pain or his occasional inability to sleep. The results were astonishing, so much so  that he had to have his wife Jeanna try it. After she had similar reductions in pain and stress levels they new that this was real!!!

Birth of Richway Fuji Bio Inc.

The benefits that the Kims received for many of the health related issues had. Along with the hundreds of visitors to the mine who also raved about the improvements they had seen was more than enough to convince the Kims that they had to share this with the world. After consulting many doctors, having independent laboratories,  and scientists review and help develop their vision, Richway Fuji Bio Inc. was born.


Jade or Amethyst

Richway International from its inception was focusing on the science behind why the jade mine and later the Richway Biomat was providing health benefits. With literally millions of dollars devoted to scientific scrutiny and testing they learned the secretes that were healed by the jade.  What they also found out was that Jade while good was not actually the best healing stone. Natural amethyst was a much better choice. Yet the cost of making an Amethyst without chemically or heat treating the stones which makes it cheaper but also severely degrades the healing properties was over $6,000 for one Amethyst Biomat.


Amazing Results...Amazing Customers

During the first six years Richway International was growing and sharing the benefits of the Richway Biomat with doctors, specialist, and therapist from many speciality fields. They had helped literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The benefits of the Biomat was noticed by top leaders of the California Massage Association. They loved the Richway Biomat so much, placed a specialty order for 3,000 Biomats with a requirement that they be uniquely made to fit a massage table.  This brought explosive exposure of the Richway Biomat to many people who really needed the therapeutic properties it offered.


Amethyst Made Affordable

A large order for one of the largest massage associations in the world can really help a company out. This bulk order along with the increase from all their clients wanting a Richway Biomat for home use gave Richway International enough capital to purchase it's own Amethyst mine.  This allowed Richway to significantly reduce the cost of the Amethyst Biomat. Making it more affordable so everyone could experience the superior health benefits over the Jade model.  This is why Richway had stopped producing Jade Biomat.


Year of Recognition

Richway International had a goal of sharing the benefits of the Biomat with the world so that people could experience a better quality of life while improving their overall wellness. The steps that were taken to achieve this goal resulted in the Global recognition of the great work the company was doing. During this Year Richway International received Recognition from Pope Benedict XVI, The Wall Street Jurnal, and the Untied Nations. These national, international, and cross-national powerhouses recognition of the healing power of the Richway Biomat was a truly humbling experience for the Kim's and the hundreds of people who contribute to the creation of Each and Every Richway Biomat.


Japan and Sweden Love the Biomat

With over $20 million dollars in continual research and development, and an every growing number of international doctors and wellness professionals embracing the Richway Biomat, more and more countries award Richway International some of the highest awards they can provide to private industry.  Japan awards the Healthy and Culture Department Award to Richway International. While the Sweden Royal Academy  provided the Richway Biomat with the "Best medical device award."


More Than Meets The Eye

While many people only see the Amethyst of the Richway Biomat, there is so much more that provides the benefits that people have come to associate with an authentic Richway Biomat that no other product or knock off can provide. 2012 saw one of the largest upgrades in technology that Biomat had seen since its creation. The addition of the TOCA and Nano Copper layer drastically increased the therapeutic properties of the Biomat over previous models. Yet this was only the begging. As over $3 million in Research and development had been allocated for further studies to incorporate even more beneficial properties into future Richway Biomats.


1 Million Biomats

There are some things that leaders of a compnay always remembers.  Thier fist sale or dollar made, when they go international and help people globably, and when they have their 1 millionth customer!!! This milestone really bring the company to a new level and each one shapes the feel of that company. The pride that the entire Richway family felt with this achievement was very tangible. Inspiring everyone to keep helping people around the world achieve a better quality of life with the Richway Biomat.


First The US, Now China

Richway strengthens their global presence by opening up their first Biomat branch in Shaoxing Chinese. Introducing the benefits of the Richway Biomat to an additional 1.3 billion "Ohana!" Years of preparation and working to meet regulatory and safety requirements for each of the 36 countries that Richway & fuji Bio Inc. operate within has to be met. But with the goal of improving people's lives around the world, hard work is just a part of reaching that goal.


The Dream of Orgone

Richway has done many tests on the Biomat as it has evolved from the basic jade mat during its humble begings to the multiple therapeutic medical device that it is today. This allowed them to see that each generation and technical advancement the Richway Biomat saw, the better the test results and the more positive customer feedback they got. With Infrared, Negative ions, and Quantum Energy already working together, could they add the subtle Orgone Energy to the Biomat? Only time would tell.


Sleep Reimagined

Two years of research and development into Orgone Enegery and the work on patented micro amethyst infused fabric culminated in the creation of the Richway Orgone Biomat. A revolutionary sleep system that took over 2 years and  $4 million to perfect. Designed to help provide restorative energies during our most regenerative portion of our lives. The Richway Orgone Biomat is the ultimate sleep system.


20 Years of Excellence

Mr. and Mrs. Kim and the entire Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. team reflect on the millions of lives that the Biomat has helped to improve. With very personal and real world impact, they know that this was their calling. There are few people whos life's work is a passion; the Kim's were blessed to be one of them.  Yet as they look back, they also look ahead. As many more opportunities to improve the quality of people's lives around the world still remain.

2017 and Beyond

The Future of Richway

With a history of pushing the boundary of excellence, Richway has been working on multiple fronts to add even more therapeutic properties to the Richway Biomat. They have also have several new life-altering medical devices medical devices in development. If you want to be among the first to know feel free to sign up for our newsletter. There are 3 big items just around the Corner!!!