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What is Far Infrared?


Far infrared is what we experience in our bodies as radiant heat. It is a light that we can’t see but that we can feel. It is that deep penetrating warmth that we receive from sunlight. More technically it is a section of light which is present in the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths just beyond red in the rainbow of visible light.

Far Infrared Chart

All living things emit some amount far infrared energy. Fire emits far infrared energy. Earth and stone absorb the sun’s far infrared offering and re-emit far infrared energy. The coils on an electric stove emit far infrared energy.

Healers have been aware of the benefit of the naturally occurring far infrared energy in our lives for millennia. Eastern medicine and healing have been practicing with far infrared for as long as their history. Laying on a nice warm rock on a perfectly sunny day is an example of receiving far infrared radiant heat from a naturally occurring source.  Yoga and Qigong are examples of intentional practices which combine the oxygen in our breath and calories burned by movement to actively generate natural body heat and “warm up” various body tissues through internal far infrared energy.

The Biomat is an external and passive source of natural far infrared radiant heat. Meaning, all there is to do is turn it on to the desired energy setting using the attached controller then lay back, relax, and receive the healing that comes with far infrared radiant heat.

The Biomat uses superconducting natural amethyst and tourmaline crystals to convert energy from the plugs in our walls to very effective and healing far infrared radiant heat that can only be delivered by running electricity through high-quality crystals. Far infrared lamps, stones, and saunas cannot compete with the quality of invisible light which is produced by the Biomat and its rows of natural crystals.