Biomat Waterproof Cover


The Biomat Waterproof Cover is an important investment in protecting your Biomat® Mini or Professional Size. During intense high heat therapy or treatment involving liquids or oils it is important to protect your Biomat® from exposure to sweat, oils, or liquids. The Biomat Waterproof Cover is also perfect for situations where the mini or professional sized Biomats® need to be wiped down and sanitized between users.

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The Biomat Waterproof Cover for the Mini and Professional size is made of a high-quality lightweight woven polyester fabric. The fabric is made specifically to be sweat, water, and oil proof and to not interfere with the benefits of far infrared or negative ion treatment. The Biomat Waterproof Cover can be sanitized regularly to ensure sanitary use with multiple patients.

The Biomat Waterproof Cover is meant to always be used with the cotton cover which is received with the Biomat®. It may be placed on top of the cotton sheet or below it depending on the comfort and needs of the user. The important factor is that the Biomat® performance and longevity are protected during use.


Biomat Waterproof Cover Size

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