Biomat Budget Combo


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The Biomat Budget Combo includes a Biomat Mini and a Biobelt. When you have to have Biomat far infrared and negative ion therapy but are on a budget. The combination of Biomat Mini and Biobelt will allow the user to experience wrap individual body areas in far infrared therapy or provide two body areas with far infrared therapy at the same time.

The Biomat Mini is excellent for covering body parts or for laying on to receive far infrared benefits to smaller body areas. The Biobelt delivers far infrared energy with a belt.



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  1. David Gramling

    We use this combo a lot with getting the “sandwich” of infrared. It’s great also as a replacement to a full size biomat in a pinch it even overall. I really enjoy how fast I can pack the mini and belt together.


      The Biomat Budget Combo really is a lot of Biomat Energy for your Buck!!! This combo is often purchased by those who know they want to provide 360 degree coverage to a certain part of their body, like the Brest or Prostrate area. It is less expensive the the Professional Biomat and it allows for that very targeted coverage some customers need. Also glad you mentioned the mobility part. If you are a traveling wellness practitioner nothing beats the partablity of the Biomat Budget Combo.

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