The Biobelt™ is the smallest and most versatile version of Biomat®. It can be used to deliver far infrared radiant heat and negative ion therapy to specific areas of the body. It comes with a velcro belt (size Regular or XL) to hold it in place to ensure proper placement over specific body parts. Use it for pain reduction, increased circulation, inflammation reduction, increased digestive enzyme activity, increased organ tissue detox.

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The Biobelt™ is the smallest and most versatile version of Biomat available. It uses the same far infrared radiant heat and negative ion technology as the larger Biomats®. It is small enough to provide benefits to the specific body area you would like to work with. It comes with a velcro belt to hold it in place and uses the standard wall power supply.

It’s like applying a brilliant warm therapeutic ray of sunshine just where you need it and for as long as you need it.

The Biobelt™ is an excellent tool for a wide variety of self-care objectives:

  • Maybe you are healing a minor knee injury and want to increase blood flow to the knee and reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Maybe you are interested in increasing blood flow and enzyme activity in your abdominal organs or digestive tract.
  • Maybe you are about to hit the tennis courts and want to heat up neck and shoulders a little prior to your warm up sequence.
  • Maybe you are about to go into an important meeting and want to apply warm radiant heat to the area where you hold stress.

Far infrared is known to have the following benefits for the body:

  • reduce pain
  • minimize inflammation
  • improve sleep
  • increase circulation
  • reduce stress
Belt Size

Regular 55.11 Inches, Large 62.99 Inches

1 review for Biobelt

  1. David Gramling

    Intake the belt everywhere, o use it on my lap I’m the car, I take to to Christmas so my family can use it; my favorite thing is it’s portable and it heats fast, in 20 minutes I can really help my patients and clients out.

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