BioAmethyst Cushion


The BioAmethyst Cushion, 17 rows of naturally mined Amethyst Crystals. This powerful Infrared Pad is enhanced by Richway’s exclusive Germanium Power 187  layer. Which Literally enhances the effectiveness of  of this pad up to 187 times at room temperatures. This  combined with Negative ions, and  Quantum Energy makes the BioAmethyst Cushion a pad you will not want to stop using.

Bioamathyst Cushion
BioAmethyst Cushion $380.00

The BioAmethyst Cushion is the most versatile of the Richway Amethyst mats. Unlike the Biomats this powerful cushion requires no electricity and does not produce any heat of its own. Making it ideal for those who want infrared and negative ions without extra heat. there is NOTHING LIKE THE  BioAmethyst Cushion. In addition to having 17 rows of amethyst, it also is equipped with Richway’s EXCLUSIVE Germanium Power 187 Layer.

WHY IS IT THERE A 187 AT THE END OF ITS NAME?  Simply put, the ULTRA REFINED Germanium, is purified to a level that is typically reserved for industrial and research grade Infrared recording devices. This refinement makes the Germanium within the BioAmethyst Cushion far superior to  grey, white or clay colored germanium ore composite. This Pure Ultra Refined Germanium is combined crystalline silica making the infrared that passes through it up to 187 times more effective. This patented technology is only available with Richway Products.

When combined with the Quantum Energy layer and Hideo Geometry within the BioAmethyst Cushion, you get a passive Infrared experience like no other product can deliver.

Ideal for those who sit in a chair for prolonged periods, truck drivers and those who travel often. or even for use while sleeping.

The BioAmethyst Cushion offers many of the Biomat and the Quantum Energy Pad’s benefits, but in a smaller more portable size, and without the associated heat generated by the Biomat.

  • 17 rows of amethyst
  • Organic Embryonic Peach and grape extracts
  • Natural infrared rays from multiple sources
  • Negative Ions
  • Elusive Germanium Power 187
  • Portable: 18 x 18 x 2.5
  • Total Weight: 4.4lb

The outer layer of the BioAmethyst Cushion is an covered with a Plush Micro Fiber removable top layer. this is not only luxurious to the touch, it is also makes it anti-Microbial resistant, and easy to care for.

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