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You don’t deserve to toss and turn all night due to pain and discomfort. It’s time for you to say enough is enough and switch to the BIOMAT Queen. This FDA approved medical device provides temporary relief for minor pain throughout your body. If you suffer from minor muscle pain, joint pain and/or stiffness, muscle spasms, minor spares, or back pain, there is hope.

While you sleep, BIOMAT Queen is helping increase circulation where applied. . The far infrared and negative ion technology compliment your body’s natural repair work while you sleep. You will wake up refreshed and with less pain.

This mat perfectly fits on a queen size mattress, so you and your partner can easily experience the relief. Stop living with temporary minor pain and start sleeping with the BIOMAT Queen.

Biomat Queen
Biomat Queen $3,850.00

Biomat® Queen 7000MX

Do you suffer from minor muscle pain in your back or anywhere else on your body? Do you experience stiffness of pain due to arthritis or other conditions? What about muscle spasms? If you said yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from the FDA approved technology in the Biomat® Queen.

How The Biomat® Queen Works

Our bodies are incredibly sophisticated and work to repair and restore our cells during periods of rest. When individuals sleep, the body uses this time to help heal damaged areas and reduce levels of stress. When an individual lays on the Biomat® Queen, the mat naturally enhances their body’s efforts to help restore balance to the body..

How, you ask?

The Biomat® Queen uses FDA approved technology to deliver results you can feel after the first night of rest. Far infrared and negative ions come together and are delivered through 65 channels of natural, superconducting amethyst crystals inside the mat. Multiple layers also the Queen Biomat contribute to the effectiveness and safety of your mat.

  • Mineral Rich TOCA Layer for Negative Ions & enhanced Infrared profile. 
  • MAXIMUM EMF Protection from Multiple layer
  • Holistic Concepts Built into the Queen Biomat (Quantum/Orgone/& More…)
  • Independent Heat settings for each side 

It’s heat settings can be independently set from no heat emitted up to 158 degrees. Allowing you and your sleep partner to enjoy their ideal setting simultaneously.

Can I Cover Biomat® Queen to make it Softer?

The Biomat® Queen will come with a a 100% cotton quilted cover  that will allow the far infrared energy to penetrate the skin. Its main function is to add an additional layer of Sacred Geometry and also allow you the to have a machine washable layer between you and the Biomat for easy cleaning.  For those who Want a Softer resting surface, The Biomat Wool Cover is the topper you want to use.  This Topper is made from 100% Virgin American Wool and is Made in the USA. It is important to only use Natural Materials like the Biomat Wool Cover, as Synthetic materials pose 2 major concerns. 

  1. Synthetic blends of cotton & wool or fully artificial fabrics can interfere with  the Biomats ability to deliver the Infrared and other Biomat Energies your body needs. This can result in reduced performance if you use the wrong covering. 
  2. Worse then reduced performance, There is a real risk that using a cover of unknown origin can actually harm you. Anytime Heat energy is added to something there is the risk of “ Negative Off Gassing.” If your topper is made from anything artificial, There is a chance you could be getting more then you bargained for.  

Stick with either the Biomat Wool Cover or the included cotton pad that comes with your Biomat Queen.

Benefits You Can Expect From The Biomat® Queen

The far infrared and negative ion technology work with your body’s natural repair cycle to help you wake up with less pain. By regularly using the Biomat® Queen, you can expect less pain along with:

  • a better night’s sleep each night,
  • less inflammation throughout your body,
  • better blood circulation,
  • With many reporting reduced stress levels throughout their day.

When you can sleep better, feel less pain, and experience less stress, you can live a better, happier life.

Enjoy The Pain-Free Life You Deserve

No one deserves to live in constant discomfort and everyone deserves a good night’s rest. Fortunately, the Biomat® Queen offers dual unit controls, so you and your significant other can experience the comfort you both enjoy. These controls are easy to understand and each side of the mat will actually deliver the settings you input.

Get your Biomat Queen Today and optional Biomat Wool Cover  in the Queen size today and experience why so many people love their Biomat.

General Biomat® Queen and King information:

Both Queen and King Biomat® include a dual control unit for individual user comfort, a duffel bag for travel, and a Biomat Cotton Pad. Biomat® technology is always meant to be used with the 100% cotton pad to reduce the experience of conductive heat on the skin to allow for the greater benefit of penetrating far infrared heat. Order an Extra Biomat Cotton Pad here.


Queen Size Biomat Specifications

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