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Our Biomat® Pillows are designed to provide you with gentle healing, support, and comfort while you rest. The pillow cover is lined with natural amethyst and tourmaline crystal to combine with your body heat to provide a very gentle far infrared and negative ion therapy.

Pillow Dimensions: 19″x12″x4.3″

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Head and Neck Support

Our genuine Biomat Pillow is an excellent addition to the professional treatment room or to the bedroom. It has space age memory foam on the inside and alternating rows of natural amethyst and tourmaline crystals on the outer cover.

Our Biomat Pillows do not plug into an electrical source and therefore the crystals embedded in the cover will not give off far infrared and negative ion energy charge on their own. You will experience a very gentle exchange of energy between the Biomat Pillow and the energy of your head and neck.

Biomat Pillow Dimensions

Pillow Dimensions: 19″x12″x4.3″

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 4.3 in

1 review for Biomat Pillow

  1. Jamie Peguero

    The pillow has been a strong relief from heat at the head. I place a pillow cover over it and can lay on the biomat for hours due to the head comfort.

    • (verified owner)

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the Biomat Pillow. It does not have an external heating source like the Biomat does, This allows your head and brain to stay cooler. However, gental Infrared and negative ions are still being produced as the pillow absorbs and then redirects the heat and energy your neck and head generate. The Biomat Pillow is a great addition to the Biomat and we are happy that you are enjoying it.

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