Quantum Energy Pad


The Quantum Energy Pad is made specifically to lay on top of the Biomat® and ensure maximum comfort as well as far infrared and negative ion penetration from the Biomat® during long periods of use – like during sleep. The Quantum Energy Pad allows Biomat® users to receive the maximum benefit from their Biomat® during sleep.

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The Quantum Energy Pad is made to ensure that the benefits of the Biomat® are received while maximum comfort is achieved during sleep. The 3D mesh design helps to let the benefits of far infrared and negative ion energy move through the comfortable pad. It also evenly distributes body weight to help avoid any painful pressure points. (The 3D mesh design is replaced with a clay memory foam in the king size version.

The Quantum Energy Pad includes natural ingredients like grape and peach seeds as well as natural tourmaline crystal.

Quantum Energy Pad Sizes

Pro, Single, Queen, King

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