Biomat Professional Comfort Combo


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The Biomat Professional Comfort Combo includes a Biomat Professional, a professional size Quantum Energy Pad, and a Biomat Pillow. This is a perfect product combination for people who enjoy more comfort during their Biomat Professional far infrared and negative ion therapy and wish to have a more gentle far infrared experience on the head and neck. It’s also perfect for individual side sleepers who use Biomat during sleep.

The Biomat Professional delivers full power far infrared while the professional size Quantum Energy Pad delivers a comfortable padding atop the Biomat which will not interfere with the far infrared experience. The Biomat Pillow keeps the head cooler and delivers a milder far infrared treatment. Many people enjoy a more gentle far infrared experience around the neck and head.

Wellness professionals, military personnel, and first responders, please choose 100.00 professional discounts.

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Biomat® Professional Comfort Combo

Professional Comfort Combo, Professional Comfort Combo with Discount

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