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Infrared Therapy
BioMat therapy is a unique therapy that offers a natural approach to pain management and general improvement of overall health and well-being. From using BioMat therapy to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pains, reduce inflammation, or to help boost the immune system by inducing an artificial fever in the body, the benefits and calming effect
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Biomat Winter Bundle Sale
Winter is the best time to get your Biomat and with the Richway BIOMAT WINTER BUNDLE SELL, you can get the BEST VALUE when you buy your Biomat direct from When you bundle select Richway Biomat Items together, you can get a FREE BIOMAT PILLOW, A FREE 30-90 DAY SUPPLY OF MEGA BIO CLEANSE
Biomat Trial Center
The Biomat Trial Center is the place where you can try Biomats before you buy it.  Personal experience is a great way to know if the proven benefits of the Biomat is right for you. has several Biomat Trial Centers located throughout the United States. Give us a call and find out if there
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Negative Ion Therapy
What is Negative Ion Therapy? Negative ions are what make people feel good. In contrast, positive ions make a person feel sluggish and lethargic. The negative ions that are emitted by the BioMat are called Master Power Switch because it energizes the body’s whole cellular communication system and will help a person’s bodily functions to
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Biomat Infrared Mat
Try Using An Infrared Mat For Pain Relief Once an injury occurs a person could endure a trip to the emergency room, months and even years of physical therapy, MRIs, EG tests and countless injections and prescriptions just to manage the pain.  Often times these treatments do not work.  Using an Infrared Mat as a
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Used Biomat
Used Biomat If you are looking for a used Biomat, then chances are you already know how important the Richway Biomat can be when it comes to your health and wellness. We also understand that many people who need the 510K FDA rated Biomat, maybe on a very strict budget due to being retired or
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Fake Biomats Buyer Beware
FAKE BIOMAT… COUNTERFEIT BIOMATS…BUYER BEWARE Mimicry is not new, It’s been around in nature for millions of years. Primarily used by animals pretending to be something far more dangerous than it really was. This trick allowed animals that did not have any poison or superior strength to ride the coat-tails of other animals that really
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Surviving the Winter Blues with Biomat
With the winter season upon us, we ready ourselves for the onslaught of lethargy, bleakness, dark moods, and spending time indoors curled around near the fire, simply trying to stay warm and ward off the Winter Blues. We all lie in the wait for the warmer and brighter days to come to the rescue. The
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Demo Biomat
Demo Biomat At we are passionate about sharing the many health benefits of the Richway Biomat with as many people as possible.  We do this by attending many trade shows, as well as; having people try the Biomat at our Trail Center in Hawaii. A Demo Biomat is born at the end of a
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Biomat Free Gift
Richway Biomat FREE GIFT!!! Every now and then a great deal gets even better. This is the case with the Richway Biomat. While the tremendous health benefits, quality of build,  and many forms of beneficial therapies you can only get with a Genuine Richway Biomat justifies the price. It is always a great day when