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The Biomat Professional is an important addition to professional medical and wellness treatment environments. Whichever healing art you practice, when you add the far infrared and negative ion therapy available through the Biomat® Professional to your specific brand of care and attention, you will provide an unparalleled and effective healing experience for your clients.

Biomat Professional is perfect for use on a standard sized massage table (27.55″ x 72.83″ x 1″)

If you are a health and/or wellness professional, a member of our military, or a first responder please enjoy Richway Biomat’s $100 discount by selecting Biomat Professional with Discount from the drop-down menu.

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The Biomat Professional is a well-loved addition to professional medical and wellness environments around the world. When the Biomat® technology of far infrared and negative ion therapy are used in combination with the healing arts expressed between professionals and their clients an unparalleled opportunity for healing occurs.

The healing practices of the future are now and will be incomplete without attention to the energetic needs of each client. The Biomat Professional is an investment in an FDA Registered, and ISO Certified, medical device.

What you can expect from use of the Biomat Professional:

  • reduced pain
  • increased circulation
  • decreased inflammation
  • reduced sleep
  • improved sleep

Included with the purchase of Biomat Professional:

The Biomat Professional comes with a hard-shell travel bag and Biomat Cotton Pad. The 100% cotton pad is designed by the makers of Biomat to improve the experience and effectiveness of Biomat by reducing the experience of heat on skin contact without reducing the benefits of far infrared or negative ion generation. The Biomat should always be used with one of its cotton pads. Order an Extra Biomat Cotton Pad here.

Description Specifications
Professional Biomat 700 x 1850mm / 27.55″ x 72.83″
Net Weight 11.5 kg / 25.35 lbs Without Controller
Electric Consumption 180W
Voltage AC 120
Performance Temperature 35-70°C / 95-158°F
Amethyst Size 3mm – 5mm
Amethyst Color Natural, Violet, Clear
Cut & Shape Tumbled
Polariscope Test D.R.
Refractive Index 1.544-1.553
Learn about Biomat® Safety Precautions

22 reviews for Biomat Professional

  1. kathy Diorio

    I recently was introduced to a BioMat at a nurse practitioners office for a Chinese medicine healing session. I have not been officially diagnose as of yet with what I am seeking relief for, but I do have an idea it probably is some type of mechanical issue like a pinched nerve in my lower back that is creating discomfort in my lower back, legs, ankles, and feet. so, while I am seeing differnt specialists and waiting for answers from MRI’s, X-rays, spinal puncture etc.
    I decided to seek out wholistic relief because I am not a medication taker and I need relief at this point because the western medical industry is taking way to long for me. So, I make an appointment with a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Pressure point message, something like acupuncture but without the needles. This was my first time experiencing this type of therapy. when I got up on the table and crawled under the cover I thought, oh ok, its heated, good because a heating pad is something I am all to familiar with for the past year in a half trying to get relief from my issues at hand. So, I get under the cover and relax. I realized very quickly that this heating system was very different from what I have been using for myself at home. I felt the warmth penetrate deep into my body giving me the relief I have been seeking for almost two years . Although I am aware that the ( EMF) electromagnetic waves are not the healthiest for us, I still had a mattress heater on my bed which helped a little bit at times, as well as a heating pad that I carried around with me where ever I went. Sisters house, family members houses. Every time I turned on my regular heating pads, I would wish the heat would penetrate where I felt I needed it, deep into my bones and without burning my skin. That was something I never felt Until I got on this BioMat at the nurse practitioners office.
    Feeling the heat, deep into my body without burning my skin was so relieving. I though to myself while I was laying there, how am I going to leave this office! then I said to myself, realistically, I need this Matt! and Oh my god how much is this thing gonna be? Im not working, its been almost two years now, I think I finally found something wholistic that will give me some kind of relief from this pain I’m feeling in my bones. and am I going to be able to buy it? I thought, ok, this thing is a professional item being it was in the practitioners office, I’ll ask my chiropractor about it and see if he can get for me. I was getting a little desperate I think because the session was going to end soon and I would have to get off the Matt. Before the practitioner put her hands on me to message the points she thought would help with my pain, I was already felling relief from lying on the BioMat. our session did end. I did get information on the BioMat and I ran home with it. all I cared about was the relief I had finally gotten without taking medications. Almost two years of examinations and tests, after test, after tests. I have gotten so impatient with the medical system in general, with waiting and waiting for someone to find answers for me so we can fix whats wrong and let me get back into the land of the living already. That nurse practitioner was my first angel,she introduced me to this BioMat. My second Angel, is Ron Gurrea. I decided to call him Ronny. I don’t know why, I just did. I met Ronny on line when I keyed in the BioMat website that my nurse practitioner gave me. I did my research, and had lots of questions. Ronny was patient enough to listen and answer. We had a few phone calls actually because I also wanted to mention this experience to two friends of mine being they were using heating pads for their ailments as well. we would all joke about how annoying these house hold heating pads are and how their not the healthiest with those EMF waves on our bodies so often. It seems like everyone these days, is on some kind of medication and neither of us girls were giving into that. And especially not for pain that isn’t diagnosed yet. After a few conversations with Ronny, and finding out the price of the professional BioMat, I asked him If I got three instead of one, can he work with us girls? His reply was, absolutely! Ronny did everything he could to help us girls get this BioMat so we can all experience the relief of something used at a practitioners office, with the comfort of being home. Between the three of us, we have, lupus, disk and joint issues, and last but not least Me, not diagnosed as of yet, but it’s coming. Im thinking a lower back disc or pinched nerve wish affects the lower part of my body. all three of us girls are active physical people. All we’re looking for is a bit of relief from the issues our bodies are having, like the rest of the world. Well? we found it. And Ronny made it possible to get this BioMat into our homes. And thats my story about the BioMat and our very caring sales men who by the way, lives in Hawaii. Us girls live in the New York area. So, if you’re looking for something that will definitely give you relief of your ailments, you want to check out this BioMat, and you want to speak to Ronny. And NO,I don’t have a deal made where Im getting a cut of what is sold. lol This is real. The product has healing properties, and its inferred heat is giving us relief that I so desperately needed. 100 percent protection from the EMF rays omitted from the house hold heating pad we all use! Ron Gurrea cared enough to help me, as well as my two girlfriends achieve that relief by working with us so we were able to buy our Richway BioMat’s. Research this product, write down all your questions like I did, and call Ronny. you will be as grateful as us girls all are. Ron Gurrea 1 303 915 7707

  2. Nancy Kinney (verified owner)

    The Biomat is without a doubt my most favorite purchase ever. I use it everyday to relax my back and unwind my mind. I am a massage therapist and have many return clients because of the Biomat. The negative ions are so amazing at clearing my mind and helping me to sleep much better. I think the infarred heat has helped to detox my body and I hardly ever get a cold – I would never be without one. Both my sister and my sister in law tried it one time and said I have to have one!

  3. Ellen (verified owner)

    I have been looking at Biomats for 6 months now after watching a webinar on alternative interventions to prevent breast cancer reoccurance. Having long been a regular sauna lover, I was looking for something that was more affordable than an infrared sauna but offered the ability to heat up my body and promote inflammation reduction to further my effort to stay healthy. After researching, I decided to bite the bullet and get one. I’m so glad I did. Although I am just learning how to use it, the ease of use and warmth of it brings a deep sense of relaxation and healing. The only other time I have experienced that is with acupuncture sessions. I couldn’t be more excited to have this to use and share with others in my family and work with. Thank you, Ron, for your help and patience.

    • (verified owner)

      We are pleased to hear that the Biomat has crossed your path and that you had enough faith in us to give us a try. While a sauna is good (I actually have both a Sauna and a Biomat) it can only offer a fraction of what a Genuine Richway Biomat can offer. Quantum Energy, Orgone energy, resonant frequencies associated with Natural (never synthetic) Amethyst crystals are just some of the benefits you only get with a Biomat. Plus your exposure time on a Biomat can be significantly higher on the Biomat.
      Also, we just saw you ordered the BioAcoustic Mat!!! We can’t wait to hear from you once you start to experience your Whole Body low frequency vibrations and Binaural entrainment. Please let us know how it works out for you 🙂

  4. David Gramling

    We use our Pro everyday, and I use it on my clients. It’s my sole favorite device in the world, I love my biomat.

    • (verified owner)

      It’s Great to hear your love your Biomat as much as we do!!! If you have not tried your Biomat with the all new BioAcoustic Mat, then you are in for a great surprise and an experience you will not soon forget. Many of our clients did not think they could love their Biomat even more… Boy.. Where They Wrong! If you have any questions on the BioAcoustic Mat feel free to give us a call. All of our staff either have one at Home or are on the one in the Break room at our office.

  5. Brenda O. (verified owner)

    The amethyst crystal BioMat is one of the best things I have ever bought for myself.
    I purchased my two BioMats approximately 12 years ago – one for my massage table and one for a chair. I have used both for myself, my partner, my daughter, my clients, and my cats. I believe in the therapeutic benefits of the crystals, the negative ions, and the infra-red heat. I find my acupressure clients relax more deeply and they just love feeling the healing warmth during sessions. It’s great for sweating out toxins or general relaxation. Whenever possible my five cats will take over the massage table with the BioMat on. Recently my partner has been experiencing knee pain and he says that using the BioMat helps a lot in pain reduction. We currently live at a high altitude and it’s cold at night so we sleep on them- fantastic! I am so grateful for this technology and I cannot see myself ever being without my BioMat. Thank you.

    • (verified owner)

      It’s great to hear from someone who has had their Biomat for an extended period of time. I feel the exact same way about not wanting to be without my personal Biomat. Plus it’s also great that we have them in the office and can take Quick Biomat Sessions on our Breaks 🙂
      Also You may want to consider adding the New BioAcoustic Mat to your Biomat experience. It will elevate your Biomat to a whole new level!

  6. SB

    I LOVE this product! I used it at a friend’s house and it relaxed my body and mind in a way that I cannot explain. I recently ordered one for myself because I could not stop thinking about the effects of it and am thrilled to incorporate this holistic and rejuvenating mat into my daily lifetime routine. On a separate note, the customer service is absolutely incredible (so thank you for that!)

  7. Glen S. (verified owner)

    Oh my, thus is the real mat that can help with so many things we go thru with our bodies. It’s great for help with pain, sleep, and overall well-being. This mat is used in many health practitioners offices for helping them with their healing practices. I highly recommend it.
    This is my second one I have purchased.

  8. Janet R. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the professional biomat since 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I have chronic Lyme and the biomat was recommended to me by my functional medicine doctor to help with pain and more. I just reordered a replacement and biomat made this process easy and reasonable. Thank you!!

  9. Aimee H.

    The Biomat has been an amazing addition to my salon & spa. It not only relaxing for my clients, it helps alleviate aches and pains. They sleep better after their session. Excellent tool for your overall health & wellness!!

  10. Brian T. (verified owner)

    We recently received our BioMat and so far I really like it. I had just pulled a muscle with accompanying spasms. I laid on it for 20 mins at a low level. The following day I had only two spasms. Which on previous days I would have between 5-10. I like the heat setting and the range that I can choose from.
    The only complaint I have is with the shipping. It took a month to receive. I might be spoiled now with Amazon getting things to me within 2-5 days but a month seemed really long. Plus with Covid slowing things down this might part of the new normal. The distributer was nice, honored a sale price that wasn’t taken off the website, and is working on sending out the missing stuff that was included in the sale price.

    • (verified owner)

      We are glad to hear that you are liking your Biomat. With regard to prolonged delivery time, we do apologize that it took longer than the normal delivery time of 7-12 business days. At the time of your order there was unprecedented delays in the shipping ports and on land due to Covid and extreme weather that was outside of Richway’s Control. We will work harder. Luckily much of the issues that were causing the delays have been clearing up. Should you decide to get another Biomat, just let us know and we will upgrade your order to Expedited Shipping which is typically 3-5 business days.

  11. Celine

    I bought the mini Biomat and have been using it daily for the past 5 days. I love it so much that I decided to upgrade to a professional size so that I can sandwich myself between the two and get the maximum infrared effect possible. I am using the Biomat in conjunction with a treatment protocol and I am already seeing a difference. I am getting some detox symptoms and can clearly see the increased circulation. It helps with reducing the amount of pain and the warmth is a balm for my heart. After each session on the mat, I feel so relaxed and my body feels energized at the same time. My husband loves it as well and can’t seem to get enough. I can’t wait to see the results after several weeks of use. I am in love with my Biomat.

  12. Shanti J. (verified owner)

    I have three biomats. I sleep on the professional biomat every night. Doing so helps me to relax and sleep deeply, and eases various aches and pains that I am subject to. When I am ill with something like the flu, I appreciate sweating under the influence of the Biomat. It isn’t just the heat, it is also the energy gained from the infrared.
    I am a counselor. I have a biomat on both my chair, as well as the chair my client sits on. We both become more relaxed and open, which aids the counseling process.

  13. Helen (verified owner)

    Tried a friends and fell in love with the biomat. Talked to a massage therapist and they gave me their opinion on amethyst and said if you felt better, go for it! Ron with customer service was great, called later in the evening and they were able to quickly assist with my order.

  14. Jenny (verified owner)

    I first used a Richway Biomat a few years ago that belonged to a friend and was amazed by the immediate benefits I experienced. The warmth and healing energy seemed to melt away the aches & pains in my body, and I felt a deep sense of relaxation. I also noticed a reduction in my usual symptoms of inflammation, and look forward to seeing how much better I feel with consistent use. I had another opportunity to experience the Biomat at a practicioner’s office and was reminded how special this device really is. Several years later, I’ve finally saved up enough to buy my own and I couldn’t be more excited. Anyone who is an athlete or struggles with chronic health issues /general inflammation should consider investing in one of these. The product, research and customer service are excellent. I can’t wait to share the benefits with my whole family!

    • (verified owner)

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience about the Biomat. We are please to hear you enjoyed your encounters with the Biomat as much as we do. We are Rush Shipping your Biomat so you and your family can start enjoying your full time benefits each and every day!

  15. Diana (verified owner)

    The healing that occurs each day with this biomat has changed my life. I am a disabled veteran 73 years old. I have used this biomat almost every day for six years while watching TV. My circulation has increased. I have had 12 surgeries on my right leg and foot. This biomat gives me the relief I need each day. It gives comfort to my feet, legs, torso and especially my back. I am able to recover from outings with my family.
    The nerves in my feet and legs feel restored after one session on the biomat. The full size biomat does the job.
    The biomat works on the whole body at the same time…..
    I love my sessions on the biomat. It has and continues to change my life continues everyday. I hope it changes you life when you order your
    biomat. I love my biomat and you will too. Ron Guerra
    has been a God send with his information and patience. There are caring people like Ron Guerra in this world.
    Thank you

    • (verified owner)

      It was a pleasure speaking with you and I am glad that I was able to answer your regarding the Biomat repair and replacement program. As a fellow veteran it really feels great to be able to continue to support others who have served. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions or need any additional assistance with your New Biomat.
      Very Respectfully,

  16. Kathleen S. (verified owner)

    I bought my first Biomat in 2007. Initially, although we liked the mat and used it periodically, it wasn’t until the last 4 years that we have used it EVERY night—even in the summer. We have been relying on it for comfort, for relief of arthritic conditions and soreness after exercising. We love using it especially when we feel chills or a cold coming on. I’ve decided to purchase a second one for my husband’s birthday, just so we don’t have to decide who’s going to use the mat first! Our boys also love using it when they come home from wrestling and football practices—-very therapeutic and healing along with so, so comforting! My only regret is that I didn’t know about the mat and all the wonderful qualities it offers years before 2007 when I suffered medical problems. On an equally important note, the customer service that I received from Biomat/Ron Guerra was exceptional!! He was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and extraordinarily patient with all my many questions. A true asset to RichWay! Thank you!

    • (verified owner)

      Thanks for taking the time to share your great experience with the Biomat. I also appreciate the kind words regarding our customer service and product knowledge. On a Side note, Now that you will not have to fight over the Biomat, you may consider getting the BioAcoustic Mat the next time a “Birthday” or other Gifting holiday comes. It will take the feel and effectiveness of your Biomat to a whole new level while adding two new modalities.

  17. Shannon (verified owner)

    I have had a biomat Professional for years and enjoy a deep sleep on it every night. It is so relaxing/comforting…can’t imagine life without it!

  18. Paul

    The best far infrared matt I have used.

  19. Denise (verified owner)

    I love the Biomat! I was introduced to it by my massage/MFR therapist. After laying on her bed for a year during my treatments I decided I had to have one. Biomat helps me with pain, inflammation, relaxation and mood. I have CRPS in my right ankle and have found relief with the Biomat along with other treatments. I’m excited to have the Biomat to use in a daily basis. I believe I will have more benefit with daily use. I’m happy to be able to lay down and relax nightly and instantly relax and fall asleep

    • (verified owner)

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the Biomat. Not only is the Biomat a great tool on it’s own, but it is a great complement to many treatment modalities so we are glad that you were able to try out the Biomat for so long before getting your very own Biomat!!!

  20. Diana P (verified owner)

    I am an RN and was first introduced to the Biomat 10+hrs ago at a Holistic Nurse conference, and was very impressed. It was a few years before I decided to purchase one and I have never regretted it! I use it in my Healing Touch practice and my clients love it too! It induces a deep state of relaxation and leaves one with an incredible feeling of well-being. The combination of far infrared energy and crystal energy really allow for deep healing to occur. I have chronic low back pain and have used my Biomat daily for years and do not take pain medication. My husband has also found it to be very beneficial for back discomfort. Sometimes we just use it to relax! And I can’t forget to say how much my fur babies love it! I had a 19yr old cat with arthritis who was always on it! And my present dog and cat compete for it. I can say without hesitation that the Biomat has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of my family’s health and wellness.

    • (verified owner)

      It is great to hear how much you and your entire family (the 2 & 4 legged ones) have been enjoying the Biomat. Since you have been using the Biomat with clients you may want to consider being a Distributor of the Biomat. As it is extremely likely you have had clients wanting to get one for their home use after experiencing the Biomat Difference at your practice. It’s a great way to add an additional revenue source to your existing practice while providing your clients an outlet to get a Genuine Richway Biomat that they and their entire family can enjoy.

  21. Erika Nielsen (verified owner)

    I have a hard time actually shutting my mind off and relaxing, however the first time I used the biomat I was so deeply relaxed. I came out of my session feeling so incredibly zen for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to share the experience with my clients!

  22. Donnelle C. (verified owner)

    I have to say I am overwhelmed with the customer service I received today Ron was so helpful and kind. I have so many issues he was patient and kind. He happened to explain to me a better deal than I was expecting. I was told about this product and was looking for just a possible option . Lucky me I am getting a brand new Biomat Professional Full size and the smaller version. Much more than I expected! I have alot of issues Chronic pain, circulation issues ,inflammation
    sleep , heart palpitations stress etc the list could go on. I am actually better than I was last Oct but I am a fighter. I won’t give up !! Doctors can’t really tell what’s wrong with me . I crack my back several times a day on a hard foam roller. I have used red light treatments ,all this has helped me more than the doctors do except my neurologist has helped some . I am more than excited to try this!! I think I was led to this mat for a purpose and now the timing couldn’t have more perfect. THANK YOU For the great discount and the great service. Made my day better!

    • (verified owner)

      Thank you for your kind words regarding our customer service. We strive to not only help educate people about the Biomat, but also to provide the best price. So we were glad to be helpful on both fronts. We are really looking forward to you getting your Biomat and hope that you enjoy it as much as the person who told you about their Biomat.

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