Coronavirus Shopping Tips

COVID 19 Safe Shopping

Coronavirus Shopping Tips

The spread of the Coronavirus or COVID 19 has impacted nearly everyone’s daily activities. Even things as simple as going to the Grocery Store has proven to be an area of concern. Particularly for those who are at higher risk. Many of our customers are doing their grocery shopping during designated Senior hours to help limit their exposure. Others don’t have this option and run a higher risk of interacting with people infected by the Coronavirus (COVID 19).

Many retail stores, restaurants, and supermarkets have really stepped up their cleaning and sanitation efforts. This is great news, but unfortunately, there is only so much they can do. Coronavirus shopping tips may help fill to supplement their efforts. While great strides are being taken to ensure common areas are cleaned and disinfected. Little can be done by store staff to do the same for every product being sold.
Coronavirus Shopping Tips
This can be somewhat disturbing, especially given fluid nature and new studies come out on how long this Virus can live on various Surfaces.  Because of this, we wanted to share some Coronavirus Shopping Tips that may help provide you with the knowledge that might help reduce your chances of contracting the Coronavirus while doing basic necessities like grocery shopping.

Tips from our customers

I have found over the years that our customers are a great source of information. Often times I learn a lot from them. This was definitely true when “Kathay” sent me a text with the video below. It specifically talks about Coronavirus Shopping Tips that may help reduce your risk of exposure. Both at the Grocery store and once you bring these items into your home.

This video was posted by Dr. Jeffrey J. Vanwingen, MD, a family Medical specialist. Here is his website if you would like to know more

Some Tips:

  • Social Distancing (following CDC guidelines)  This starts when you leave your vehicle and every aspect of your shopping trip. Waiting in line to enter the store,  in the shopping aisles,  and at checkout. This includes the customer behind you who gets to close to you inline.
  • Sanitize your Cart and your hands… if possible wear gloves
  • Only touch what you are going to buy…
  • if possible wash your hands or use sanitizer after your shopping and before you enter your car.
  • For greater exposure risk reduction, Clean/wash/or disinfect the packaging of your groceries. Ref. Dr. Jeffrey J. Vanwingen, MD video above.
  • DO NOT JUST ASSUME FROZEN GOODS ARE “SAFE.” (I did not even consider this until I saw it on the video)

Coronavirus Shopping Tips Takeaway… 

Being informed is the best tool you have to help to reduce the risk of Coronavirus exposure. This is particularly important during the rapid infection rate window that currently overrunning many of our hospitals and healthcare facilities. While most of us can not fully eliminate this risk, we can take steps to drastically reduce it. This helps our society as a whole. In that, if you are not infected, then you are not adding another body to an overburdened health system. That in some places is on the verge of collapse.

Covid19 in stores

This is also good for you as an individual, In that, it means you may Never become infected with the Virus (this hope is true for all of you).  But even if you do become infected, taking these steps could drastically increase the amount of time before you become infected. This is key because many things can happen before then that may increase the likelihood of  “favorable” recovery:

  • Being infected outside of the Exponential infection period may mean more medical resources are shared between fewer victims of the virus.
  • More time means that more Research, Testing, and Evaluations of medical drugs & possible vaccines may be available that currently are not available.
  • Even if drugs or Vaccines are created, It will still take time to mass-produce and decimate, reducing exposure until then is definitely a wise choice.

We hope that these Coronavirus Shopping Tips provide some helpful information. I know that it did for me and my family and I just wanted to share this in the hopes it may do the same for you.


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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Shopping Tips”

  1. Is there any research indicating that biomats help stop viruses and bacteria from entering through the energy field, or destroy it once it has entered the physical body?

    1. Viola, is required to comply with FDA guidelines when speaking about the Biomat. As an FDA Approved 510K Medical device the Richway Biomat is designed to help with the following:
      – Relaxation of muscles
      – Increase of local circulation where applied
      Temporary relief of:
      -Minor muscle pain
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      -Muscle spasms
      -Minor sprains
      -Minor strains
      -Minor muscular back pain

      Additionally, Many customers have reported that the combination of the the Biomats FDA 510k rating along with the many holistic concepts that are included in the Biomat (Negative ions, Quantum Energy Layer, Orgone Energy Layer, Sacred Geometry, & the Best in multi layer EMF protection layers) can make for quite a relaxing experience that is not achievable with other Infrared devices.
      At this time, Many clinical studies are being conducted, to included the Biomat. While there are Published clinical studies of the Biomat with regard to Pain Management & Pain reduction; as well as, one that Measured Stress Reduction. There currently is no published study related to your question as of yet.
      Though, I along with Many of our Biomat Customers are very happy to be able to use the Biomat during these trying times.

  2. I found your site as I was going to purchase a mat…. finally. However, when I see your foolish post here about “following the RULES”… social distancing, I see y’all are just bought into the system. No thank you. Sorry to see you are so misinformed. Does not make me trust you.

    1. Kristina,
      Trust is a Big Deal. Clearly this topic has become a political and social hot potato. We originally made this post as Many of our customers would be considered “high risk.” We also had a lot of questions, particularly in the early days of the pandemic about the Biomat and the Corona Virus. We value your feed back and hope that we can work to earn your trust back. The Biomat is a great 510k Approved Medical device and we hope you can still experience it’s benefits in spite of this post. (We tried to contact you via the email you provided, but it was not valid. Please give us an email to see what offer we can extend to you to try and regain your trust. [email protected] )

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Covid 19 Safe Shopping

Coronavirus Shopping Tips

Coronavirus Shopping Tips The spread of the Coronavirus or COVID 19 has impacted nearly everyone’s daily activities. Even things as simple as going to the Grocery Store has proven to be an area of concern.

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