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Biomat Free Gift

Richway Biomat FREE GIFT!!!

Every now and then a great deal gets even better. This is the case with the Richway Biomat. While the tremendous health benefits, quality of build,  and many forms of beneficial therapies you can only get with a Genuine Richway Biomat justifies the price. It is always a great day when you are also able to get that little extra out of life. Well Until September 2nd 2017…  That Great Day Is Now!!!! Richway & Fuji Bio has authorized that all Biomats.com Customers can receive the New Biomat Aroma Stand™ for free!!!

Biomat Aroma Stand

This  New Aroma stand is tall enough to be easily set and adjusted from the comfort of your own bed without taking up any valuable nightstand space. The Biomat Aroma Stand™ is normally a stand-alone item valued at $110.00. But for a limited time this Biomat free gift will be included when you purchase any either a Professional Biomat or any of the bed sized Orgone Biomat. Aromatherapy is the perfect complement to your Biomat Therapy, especially when it is FREE!!!

What Is Aromatherapy?

The use of aromatic and often quite pleasing fragrances derived from the essential oils of therapeutic plants to achieve a desired state of mind or physical reaction of the body is known as aromatherapy.  When applied to the skin or in the case of the Biomat Aroma Stand™ inhaled, have been reported to have positive effects.

Biomat Aromoatherapy

Aromatherapy Facts:

  • Therapeutic plants are packed with many beneficial compounds that are either essential for their daily operations or to defend themselves against the many threats they face such from animals to insects and even bacteria and viruses.
  • Some of these compounds are not only good for the plant but for us as well. By removing and concentrating these compounds in the form of essential oils, you can benefit these properties.
  • Aromatherapy studies have shown that test subjects reported improvement in both short term health concerns and more serious conditions.
  • Has been used by many ancient cultures for hundreds of years. With many of the compounds later being identified by modern medicine and converted into drugs for various conditions.
  • Aromatherapy is the perfect complement to your Biomat Therapy and can greatly increase the overall experience. Especially when combined with our Biomat guided meditation soundtrack. This combination will actively engage your senses allowing you to drift deeper into your biomat experience.

Get Your Biomat Free Gift Before This Offer Ends

This Richway Biomat Free Gift Event is only Authorized for a limited time.  Beyond that, the Biomat Aroma Stand™ will only be available as a separate purchasable item.   You will be eligible for your Biomat Aroma Stand with the purchase of a Professional Biomat or any of the Bed size Biomats to include the Orgone Biomat during the Authorized Richway Sales Event.

Biomat Store

Have questions about the sale end date or which Biomat is right for you? Give us a call at (844) 246-6287">1-844-BIOMATS and let our Biomat Experts help ensure you get the right Biomat for your unique needs.

Did You Miss The Biomat Aroma Stand™ Giveaway?

Biomats.com Authorized Richway Sales Events are few and far between. Be the first to find out about the next sale.  This will provide you and the people you care about the opportunity to get the best value for your hard earned buck.  You never know what sort of Biomat Free Gift is just a click away. Though brief, previous Authorized Richway Biomat Free Gifts included the Biomat Pillow  and Quantum Energy Car Seat. Complete the contact to

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