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Demo Biomat

Demo Biomat

Demo Biomat

At Biomats.com we are passionate about sharing the many health benefits of the Richway Biomat with as many people as possible.  We do this by attending many trade shows, as well as; having people try the Biomat at our Trail Center in Hawaii. A Demo Biomat is born at the end of a trade show or at the end of the month when we replace the Biomats at our Trial Center. In the past, we would donate these Biomats as we would not sell them. However, Over the 20 years that Richway & Fuji Bio has been in operation. It was realized that some customers had already spent untold amounts on therapies or treatments that they needed or just had a very strict budget. Knowing this, Biomats.com made the Demo Biomat available to our customers. While the number of Demo Biomats we can offer is limited. It is your best choice for getting the benefits of a New Biomat at a price that fits the budget.

Biomat Best Price

Hands down Biomats.com provides the best pricing on like new Demo Biomats. This is key as it allows you to make the most of your hard-earned money when getting the Biomat. If the Biomat is for a loved one who you know needs it, but may not be able to afford one. Then a Demo Biomat of gift-quality from Biomats.com is the best choice for your wallet and your loved one’s needs.

Best Quality

Your Demo Biomat is Guaranteed to be no more than a month old with some only being demonstrated at trade shows for as little as 1 day. All Demo Biomats purchased directly from Biomats.com are covered with the Biomat Water Proof Cover or the Quantum Energy Pad. This ensures you are getting the Best Quality Biomat without anyone having been in direct contact with your Biomat. This White Glove Treatment is a far cry from what you get if you get a Used Biomat from a stranger… STOP STRANGER DANGER!!!

Biomats.com Demo Biomat Vs Used Biomat

Used Biomat… Any Time you entered the Used Market it is often a buyer beware environment. This is true of a used Biomat as well. It really comes back to the age-old question. Why are you selling your used Biomat? The chart below may help to shed some light on that question, although it is safe to say you may not want a used biomat after reviewing the chart.

I Want A Demo Biomat:

Act now and be one of the first people to be offered a Like New Biomat at the Best Possible Pricing.  Availability is limited and these Demo Biomats are provided on a first come first serve bases.