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Biomat Therapy

Biomat Therapy

BioMat therapy is a unique therapy that offers a natural approach to pain management and general improvement of overall health and well-being. From using BioMat therapy to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pains, reduce inflammation, or to help boost the immune system by inducing an artificial fever in the body, the benefits and calming effect for some people are just amazing. However, you may be asking yourself, ‘Why is BioMat so different?’ Well, the BioMat uses natural light wave technology, derived primarily from Infrared light generated by natural (not synthetic like some others) amethyst crystals and 21 other components.  The Biomat uses electricity  that is converted from an Alternating Current to a Direct Current, eliminating concerns AC concerns with most EMF producing products. Allowing you to enjoy infrared light energy that your body needs. 

Infrared Light

This type of infrared light wave is similar to those of the sun, without exposing your body to harmful UV/UVB radiation. NASA has claimed that far infrared waves are the safest light waves for the body. The heat generated from this conversion of electricity into light waves is similar to that of a sauna but is more regulated throughout the body areas that are being treated. Infrared therapy technology derived from natural (not synthetic) amethyst crystals in the Biomat, is also combined with multiple holistic concepts, all which work to create a synergistic effect that makes the Richway Biomat a one of a kind product that you will love.

Amethysts are known for producing very high vibrations and negative ions, as well as their source of far infrared light waves. The combination of the infrared waves and negative ions can penetrate the body’s tissue layers up to 6 inches deep, reaching areas that more traditional heat sources cannot. This broader reach of the ions and light waves creates more profound muscle relaxation and can help relieve pain faster and longer. This natural means of deep penetrating therapy is safe for people of all ages, and even your pets will often try and share your Biomat.

Infrared Therapy
Biomat Ultra Comfort Combo

Biomat Therapy

Benefits of the Biomat Therapy are visible in many ways. It can be used at home, or in professional practices, in a combined manner with physical therapy treatments, yoga, acupuncture, medical treatments rooms, meditation, or to relax tired and sore muscles. There are three sizes of the BioMat, ranging from full body length that fits on a massage table, a smaller, Mini Biomat, great for travel or use in an office, and all the way up to full King Bed Sized Biomats.

These benefits of the Biomat are the result of the infrared waves and negative ions penetrating deeply into the body. When you factor in the addition of Orgone energy Layers, and the Quantum layer along with multiple holistic concepts, it is no wonder why the Biomat is the best way to massively improve the quality of your life.

If you would like to know more about Biomat Therapy, watch the video Below.  Two Doctors will explain the benefits of the Biomat.  Biomat Therapy Interview 


Infrared Therapy