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Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy

Our world has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years. The changes have forced individuals to look inward and led many people to find ways to optimize their lives. 

This introspection has led many people to look to the past for solutions once described as pseudoscience to see if old perspectives warrant a reanalysis. 

A recent rediscovery of past theories about health and wellness has led to the resurgence of interest in orgone energy. Let’s explore what orgone energy is, including its origins and uses, to determine if it may be something you want to give a try.

Who is the Founder of Orgone Energy?

Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a mid-20th century natural scientist and physician in the United States. His studies of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s research on neurosis contributed in part to Dr. Reich’s interest in trauma and its impact on our bodies. 

Dr. Reich’s career transitioned almost completely into psychoanalysis near the tail end of his career from the late 1930s to the early 1940s.

What Led to the Discovery of Orgone Energy?

The neurosis work of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud piqued Dr. Reich’s interest. It led to further research of traumatic experiences and their impact on energy flow within the human body. 

He discovered that trauma’s impact on a person’s energy could contribute to the development of a person’s mental, sexual, and physical health problems. 

Reich’s research led to various clinical studies. He then applied his nuanced theories, leading him to discover that orgone energy was effective in releasing energy blockages left behind by trauma. 

Dr. Reich found that orgone energy effectively released negative forces and replaced them with positive ones. He witnessed how his patients’ emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms often dissipated as their life force improved. 

This psychoanalyst’s early insight set the foundation for modern life coaching and alternative medicine treatments aiming to identify the source of unwanted blocks that lead to a lack of motivation, feelings of worthlessness, and other adverse emotions. 

Emotion or body code approaches emerged from Dr. Reich’s revolutionary insight nearly a century ago.

What Does the Terminology Orgone Refer to?

Dr. Reich used the word orgone to refer to the vital energy identifiable in all aspects of nature. He believed that this vital energy source could improve the health and well-being of his patients. 

Types of Individuals Who Benefit From Orgone Therapy

If you research orgone energy, you will find various accounts of how individuals with the following medical diagnoses have found healing crystals like orgone stones to help alleviate some of their symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Cancer
  • Addiction
  • Low libido
  • Depression

It’s important to note that while we’re not health care professionals authorized to diagnose or treat medical conditions, the anecdotal information we’ve uncovered about how healing crystals and products featuring them, such as orgone stones, are pretty convincing. 

What is an Orgonite Pyramid?

Tangible representations of orgone energy often depict it as functioning as part of a pyramid structure. That form serves the purpose of filtering energy fields in the surrounding environment. This leads to balancing energy and can convert lower energy into higher energy, thus strengthening a body’s overall energy level. 

Dr. Reich believed that the higher a plant, animal, or person’s frequency, the more benefited their life form would be.

How are Orgone Devices Made?

Orgone devices are made from orgonite, a mix of quartz crystals with resin-encased metals. Their formation involves the placement of alternating layers of metals, organic materials, and healing crystals into a cone or pyramid shape. 

What is an Orgone Accumulator?

Orgone energy accumulators are wooden boxes for storing these devices’ life energy. These receptacles are also capable of amplifying or spreading life energy. Many individuals use them in their homes to fend off negative thoughts and restore more balanced emotions such as confidence and a sense of calm.

Was Orgone Once Banned?

Government officials in the United States, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), founded in 1906, didn’t initially support Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the powers of orgone energy. The FDA alleged that his claims that orgone therapy would cure cancer and other illnesses were unfounded. 

The FDA then labeled Dr. Reich as mentally ill, banned the orgone energy accumulator, and sent Dr. Reich to jail. He died from a heart attack while locked up there.

Circumstances have changed over the past few decades since Dr. Reich’s death. Researchers have dedicated more time to studying his theories. What has come of this is a newfound appreciation for his early insights and renewed interest among those individuals interested in alternative medicine options for treating what ails them.

How Orgone Energy Cleanses

Dr. Reich’s theory was that orgone could be found naturally occurring all around us. This is a perspective shared by many earth-centered cultures that believed that this intangible life force was innate in all of us. 

Aside from the health applications previously discussed, many orgone energy devotees also have discovered how, when harnessed; this life force helps them feel more grounded, which enhances their:

  • Inner peace
  • Intuitiveness
  • Creative insight
  • Intuition

Some other common uses of orgone stones include:

  • Balancing one’s “chi” and “prana,” which refers to ancient Asian understandings of one’s core or soul.
  • Energizing food and drinks so that they have the desired impact that you want them to
  • Centering a person’s “chakras,” which are neurological pathways strategically placed through our bodies that can impact neurological function, including ability to focus

Some individuals even use orgone devices to ensure their car continues to function properly or to attract jobs or sales conversions. 

Many proponents of orgone energy have suggested that the above-referenced improvements have allowed them the freedom to more readily achieve success in their endeavors. 

Connection Between Orgone Energy and Electromagnetic Devices

Electromagnetic energy, which emanates from microwaves, televisions, electricity lines, computers, and cell phones, is harmful to our body’s energy force, thus affecting our mental and physical health. 

These electronic devices (and others) give off radiation, which is why researchers suggest there has been an uptick in brain and other cancer diagnoses since consumers started using cell phones and other electronic devices en masse. 

One way in which orgone enthusiasts have sought to minimize the impact of radiation exposure is by handling their orgone pyramid device and accumulators when utilizing any technology that emits EMF energy. Doing so helps clean your body’s auras and diminish the draining life force within your home. 

Does Orgone Energy Eliminate Negative Energy?

Simply being in the presence of your orgone device can certainly reduce negative energy built up in your body or environment. That is why those who believe in the power of orgone energy will often carry around a healing stone with them to hold on to and meditate upon when negative thoughts enter in. 

Using Orgone Pyramids

There’s not just one way to use orgone pyramids. The type of energy you need to clear will largely dictate how you use them.

Most individuals take the orgone pyramid into the palm of their hand and meditate. They then focus on the energy emanating from the pyramid, which tends to strengthen with more prolonged and focused attention. Those who regularly do this enjoy greatly enhanced energetic fields, leading to a deeper meditation experience. 

Additionally, the use of orgone can impact users once they finish focusing on the device or meditating and opening their eyes. Orgone enthusiasts often report experiencing increasingly positive vibes and heightened awareness of their surroundings just by being close to their device.

The placement of a person’s right hand atop the crystal is common among individuals experiencing some kind of physical impairment.

Communicating With Your Orgone Pyramid

As odd as it may seem, as someone who’s initially exploring all things orgone energy, you’ll quickly learn to treat your orgone pyramid as a friend or close confidant. What do we mean by that? 

Speak to, pray for, and tell your orgone pyramid affirmations. By doing this, you help it to help you transition your negativity into positivity. 

Personalizing conversations or requests can help strengthen your bond with your orgone device and make it clear where your priorities lie, helping transform energy dynamics to match your desires. 

Where to Place Your Orgone Pyramid

Individuals wishing to enhance positivity can benefit from taking their orgone device around to areas that need an elevated, more positive vibe. 

For example, you may want to take your orgone device to work with you if you have a particularly stressful job or demanding boss or colleagues. By doing so, you may shift the energy, whether it’s toward the work you produce or your value as an employee in your workplace.

There are also situations in which individuals have taken their orgone device out into their communities where needs exist. An example of a situation in which this may make sense is if there’s a dry well. You may perhaps want to take your healing stone to that site and see if you can harness its power to restore water flow once again. 

As another example, if a plant isn’t thriving in your yard, you may want to introduce your orgone pyramid to see if it helps improve growth.

The same logic applies to individuals who are unwell mentally or physically. Exposing them to healing stones in their environment may positively impact their mood, outlook, and healing.

Proximity to an orgone device can significantly impact the effectiveness of energy shifts; however, it can also influence from afar.

Charging Orgone Pyramids

Since energy is a type of life force, there will come a time when your pyramid experiences a decrease in its energetic field. So, how do you charge it back up?

You can replenish your device’s energy by taking a stroll outside in nature where there is the warmth of the sun or light of the moon. Additionally, you can travel into an active ecosystem with abundant animal and plant life. The key element here is that an environment full of healthy energy is what’s best for restoring your orgone device’s energy flow once again.

Your orgone device will best protect you when its energy force is at optimal levels.

What to Know as You Learn More About Orgone Energy

Healing crystals can have a restorative effect on individuals’ lives by themselves; however, their power truly shines when their use accompanies other rehabilitative practices. These include meditation, spending additional time in nature, positive self-talk or affirmations, and resting on a Richway Biomat.

Learning how to derive the strongest benefits from your orgone device can take independent study and experimentation to see what approach helps you achieve the best results.

Just know that the discovery of orgone can be a game changer for you, as it has been for countless others who have found it. Take your relationship with your orgone pyramid slowly, ensure you properly keep it charged, and take it wherever you go that needs balance. 

See it shift the energy in spaces that were once generally negative into positive ones. You will notice where this, in turn, positively impacts your mental and physical health.

We’re confident you will start to see a personal shift within you that you will want to find a way to replicate in other aspects of your life.