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Used Biomat

Used Biomat

Best Place to Buy a Used Biomat

If you are looking for a used Biomat, then chances are you already know how important the Richway Biomat can be for your health and wellness. To find out what we have available call (844) 246-6287.

We understand that many people who need the 510K FDA rated Biomat, may be on a very strict budget. We have also seen many people who need the Biomat have already spent significant money on treatments and costly medications that makes purchasing a new Biomat not an option. That is why we now make the Biomats in our Biomat Trial Center in Hawaii available at a Used Biomat Price.

  • Like New Biomats at Used Prices
  • Gift Quality Biomat
  • Payment Plan Available
  • 100% KNOWN HISTORY!!! Often Less than 30 Days New

The Difficulty in Buying a Used Biomat Elsewhere

Biomats.com is making our Trial Center pre-owned Biomats available due to increasing feedback from customers who bought what they thought was a pre-owned Biomat on Amazon or eBay. In many cases, customers complained about their “mat” not working as well as the one their doctor or acupuncturist had. They also complained about their mats breaking and being made in China and of poor quality. 

When we asked them to send us pictures of their mat we regretfully had to inform them that they had not purchased a Genuine Richway Biomat. Sadly, it was one of the ever-increasing number of cheaply made imitations, or worse, counterfeit Biomats that have flooded the internet.

Those lucky enough to have purchased a genuine Biomat may still be faced with one that had seen a very rough life. Here are some of the disturbing things found on these worn out Biomats:

  • 1-3 pounds of dead skin cells
  • Sweat stains and Stranger Danger body odor when heated
  • Pet hair and dander
  • 3rd degree smoke (not just the smell but all the toxins that go along with it)
  • Animal and human urine
  • Other (gag) bodily fluids

Pre-Owned Biomats From Our Trial Center

When you buy from us you are getting a Biomat with a known history. One that has always been covered by either the waterproof cover or the Quantum Energy Pad. This means that your Biomat and the included quilted cotton pad has never been directly laid upon without the benefit of a protective barrier. 

This also means that you get the Genuine Richway Biomat that you need, that has not been abused and at the best price. 

Call us on (844) 246-6287 to order your Like New Biomat from our Trial Center in Hawaii.