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Benefits of Biomat Therapy

Vibroacoustic mat

Do you want to decrease muscle and joint pain from the comfort of your own home? Unlike other therapies, the Biomat doesn’t require additional effort on your part; you simply rest your body on top of the mat and allow the energy transfer to relieve your Temporary pain symptoms naturally.

The Biomat delivers the benefits of natural infrared light and negatively charged ions directly to your body. While also incorporating numerous Holistic concepts that work in tandem with the 510k FDA-approved aspect of the Biomat.

More than a simple heating pad designed in various sizes to fit any lifestyle, the Biomat medical device relies on naturally occurring light heat to support self-healing within your body. Read on to determine if the many Biomat benefits make it the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

What Is Biomat Therapy?

The Biomat is an amethyst crystal mat that is augmented with an internal heat source that converts heat energy into infrared energy that is ideal for the human body. This deeply penetrating far-infrared light provides the body with infrared energy that we would typically get in nature, that we just don’t get anymore due to our modern lifestyle.  This helps promote increased circulation (in the body where the biomat is applied), provides temporary pain relief associated with muscle and joint pain and may also provide greater relaxation.

Negative ion therapy involves increasing the level of negatively charged ions taken in by the body during respiration. Natural environments and bodies of water increase the percentage of negative ions in the air, contributing to the sensation of breathing fresh air.

Modern lifestyles and habits keep us indoors and in front of screens far more than at any previous point in human evolution. Synthetic materials and electrical currents also increase the positive ion charge our bodies take in these environments.

The Biomat combines a curated selection of fabrics, amethyst, and other elements that were specifically chosen for their high negative ion output to help balance the overwhelmingly positive ion charge we encounter daily.

Wellness professionals and health practitioners prescribe this easily accessible self-treatment device. However, it doesn’t require a medical professional to prescribe or administer. Biomats provide temporary relief from muscle and joint condition symptoms, especially those associated with arthritis.

The Science Behind Biomat Therapy

Far infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but we experience it instead as heat, as with the heat we feel radiating from the sun. Far infrared falls onto the electromagnetic spectrum just beyond the range of visible light.

All living cells give off this heat energy, as do specific chemical reactions. For centuries, osteopaths and healers relied on the natural qualities of infrared heat. Lying on a sun-warmed rock, for example, transfers infrared light heat into the body.

Certain spiritual practices, like yoga, intentionally increase the body’s internal infrared energy through a combination of movement and breathing. While yoga actively generates far-infrared radiation, lying on a warm rock or an amethyst Biomat allows your body to absorb infrared passively.

The naturally occurring stones amethyst and tourmaline are called superconductors. A superconductor is simply any material that conducts electricity without added resistance.

As electrons pass through, the structure of amethyst crystals converts electrons into the long-wave far infrared electrons most easily absorbed by the human body.

Running an electrical current through this natural superconductor amplifies the quantity of far infrared energy it gives off.

An amethyst will take in a wide range of wavelengths of heat energy and convert or “amplify” them into far-infrared wavelength electrons. At this wavelength, the electrons more readily penetrate the human body as heat.

The Biomat Benefits and Features

The material used to compose the Biomat makes the most of the natural infrared-conversion aspects of amethyst and produces negative ions. These design features result in measurable health benefits delivered directly to you safely and reliably.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Scientific studies support the effectiveness of far infrared therapy like that delivered by the Biomat in temporarily relieving joint and muscle pain. The Biomat also improves circulation and allows increased blood flow to the specific areas of the body where the therapy is applied.

  • Relieves minor muscle pain
  • Lessens minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Treats joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Relieves pain from minor sprains
  • Relieves minor muscular back pain
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Increases local circulation

Though used by health practitioners as a Class II medical device, the Biomat is simple to use in your own home and just as effective. It requires only a safe electrical outlet and enough floor or bed space to extend fully.

The Biomat is just as easy to set up. In fact, no setup is required. Because the Biomat is designed to fold up for easy maneuverability and travel, it also arrives fully assembled and in a convenient shoulder caring case for the Mini Biomat and a check in size suitcase for the Bomat Professional.

Advanced Biotechnology

Though technological innovations now bring the benefits of Biomats directly to you, the basic science behind Biomats has served healers for generations.

Carefully designed with seventeen layers, each serving a precise function, the Biomat combines ancient wisdom with modern technological advances.

Biomat 17 Layers

  • A durable external layer of cotton and silicon urethane
  • A waterproof layer
  • An amethyst rock layer to transfer far-infrared energy
  • Insulating cotton and fiberglass layers
  • A TOCA layer to provide natural negative ions
  • A layer of nano-copper fabric
  • Peach and grape seed-based quantum energy layer
  • Layers of electromagnetic copper fabric and carbon fiber
  • A heating layer of silicon and Teflon with EMF interception
  • An infrared reflecting aluminum layer
  • Heat preserving thermal layers of nonwoven fabric
  • Brass pattern, high-quality cotton

In addition to the components of the layers, the strategic placement of each layer ensures that the Biomat makes the most of the features of these components. The copper and carbon fiber layers, for instance, are carefully insulated above and below to minimize heat loss.

Control and Safety Features

As with any medical device, the Biomat incorporates key safety and control features to optimize functionality and user safety at all times. For example, larger mats for couples allow each individual to customize their own settings.

  • External control box
  • Adjustable energy distribution
  • Dual-control unit in King and Queen sizes
  • Five sizes to fit your needs
  • Additional Biomat pillow
  • Orgone Biomat safety system (approved for hospital and therapy environments)

Though you should consult your medical professional before beginning any new medical treatment, it’s worth noting that the Biomat is safe for those with medical-grade metal implants. Unlike other heating elements, infrared light is reflected rather than absorbed by these metals.

Is the Biomat Right for You?

If you suffer from pain, specifically joint or muscle pain, consider using Biomat technology to alleviate your symptoms and increase your comfort.

Testimonials attest to the potential of the Biomat to produce a positive effect on your health and comfort and, as a result, even your outlook on life.

If you decide that Biomat is right for you, you should confirm that your Biomat (or “Bio Mat”) comes from a reputable provider or through a reliable website. Ordering direct from Biomats.com will ensure you are getting a genuine Richway Biomat.