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For over 35 Years people have been enjoying the SnugFleece Difference. No other Wool bedding product matches the quality of wool used, the craftsmanship, or the feel of the SnugFleece Wool bedding line of products.  Made from 100% American raised Sheep and crafted using the “Thermal Fleece Laminating Machine.” Which is a machine Created By SnugFleece to create a Superior Mattress Cover. This Machine allows for the cover to be built 1 plush pile of wool at a time. Eliminating the uneven consistency seen in may lesser wool items.

“All SnugFleece Woolens products have been rigorously tested by independent USA based Labs and meet/exceed all US Government protocols including California Prop. 65.”

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If You already know the Quality and Comfort of the Snugfleece product line, then Order Now!  Biomats.com is an Authorized distributor of the SnugFleece. This means you are Guaranteed to get a Genuine Wool Cover. Giving you the Peace of Mind that you are Actually Getting an Authentic Product and not some Knock-Off. This also means your order is covered by the 30 Day Love it or Leave it Trial Period. As well, as the full 1 Year Manufactures Quality Craftsmanship Warranty.

Want To Know More About The SnugFleece? Then keep Reading!!!

Wool Bedding



Wool Supports & Comforts For A Better Sleep

Why Count Sheep? When you Can Sleep on them!!! Well at least on their Wool. (No sheep are harmed during the shearing process.)

SnugFleece toppers are the natural solution for a perfect night’s sleep. They provide soft, springy, body-conforming support, this eases painful pressure points, giving you the wonderful, insulating qualities, that only pure wool offers. Multiple Sleep studies by the American Wool Council show, when you sleep on wool, you sleep more soundly and are less likely to toss, turn, and wake up throughout the night. A Better Night’s Sleep often translates to other improvements. Test that support this have not only been done in the US, But in 4 other Countries. Findings indicate that relaxed sleep, induced by wool, has health and therapeutic benefits. In fact, 90% of 700 users sleeping on SnugFleece reported relief from stiffness and pain.

Wool Hypo Allergenic and More 

SnugFleece wool is thoroughly cleansed and sanitized but still retains some natural lanolin which provides great odor resistance with its natural antibacterial properties. SnugFleece wool sanitization combined with its own natural lanolin guards against premature deterioration caused by dust, mold, and mildew. The lanolin is locked in the fibers during wool blending to withstand dry cleaning and washing, and it will last the life of your Snugfleece.

Wool also has the ability to help regulate your Body temperature much like it helps to regulate a sheep’s temperature. As your Body temperature rises the wool in your SnugFleece has the remarkable ability to absorb both moister and heat Along Every Single Strand of wool and transfer it away from the body. Once wicked away from the body it is exposed to the cooler dryer air trapped in the pile. Allowing both heat and moister to pass into the ambient air. This unique property is what makes wool the ideal choice when it comes to temperature regulation, both when it is warm and cold.


Bed Size SnugFleece Wool Topper

100% Wool Topper

Weather you have a Twin Size or a King size bed. SnugFleece has the wool topper for you. Choose from the most luxurious Wool topper, The SnugFleece Original. Which is 1 3/4 inches Pile & the Highest Thread Count weight available. (This is where other “bargain” brands skimp… and trust us, you can feel the difference.) 

Or chose from one of our other 4 options based on desired Pile height, thread weight, and budget.

For those who want the ultimate in sleeping comfort, choose the Original. You will love the excellent construction and rich wool density. But know this, which ever wool fleece you chose, you are  guaranteed you are getting a genuine SnugFleece and the Warranty and craftsmanship that comes with it. 


SnugFleece Original (THE BEST …OF THE BEST!!!)

• Most Luxurious with 1 3/4″ pile height

• 86oz Wool Linear Yarn 

• Pure cotton backing

• Dry clean/vacuuming recommended

SnugFleece II

Bedtime WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! SnugFleece II is crafted with the same high standards as the Original using the proprietary Thermal Fleece Laminating Machine, developed by the SnugFleece Corporation. This option offers many of the benefits of the Top Tier SnugFleece Original,  but at even greater economic savings.

• 1 3/4″ pile height

• 60oz Wool Linear Yarn 

• Pure cotton backing

• Dry clean/vacuuming recommended

** If you plan on  using the Amethyst Biomat Under your wool topper, Then the SnugFleece Original and SnugFleece II are the only acceptable choice. The Pure Wool pile on the surface is backed by 100% Natural Cotton. This is important as these natural fibers allow Infrared, negative Ions, & soothing heat to pass through without interference from Synthetic materials. If you are Getting the SnugFleece for comfort and relaxation… Then The Biomat is The perfect Complement!!!

What is the Biomat? Check out the Video below to hear what 2 Doctors say.

Bed Size SnugSoft Wool TopperOrganic Wool Bedding

The SnugSoft is ultra Soft and an excellent choice for those who prefer high quality wool with the ease of being able to machine wash the topper. The ability to easily wash the SnugSoft makes it the ideal choice for infants, children, or any environment where accidents may occur. To launder, wash in cold water. You can dry your SungSoft by either line drying or machine dry on low.
Offered in 3 different models, choose the one that fits your needs.

SnugSoft Elite -1 1/2” pile height/65oz Wool Linear Yarn/washable backing/2” corner straps
Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low
SnugSoft Imperial -1 1/4” pile height/55oz Wool Linear Yarn/washable backing/2” corner straps
Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low
SnugSoft Deluxe -1” pile height/40oz Wool Linear Yarn/washable backing/2” corner straps
Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low

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