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How Far Infrared Therapy Can Improve Your Overall Health

Infrared cabin interior with a white towel and a wonderful flower
Infrared cabin interior with a white towel and a wonderful flower

The field of alternative medicine changes and evolves with each passing year. Recently, a new yet incredible therapy modality known as far infrared therapy has taken alternative medicine practitioners and patients alike by storm. So what is far infrared therapy?

Far infrared therapy uses particular energy wavelengths, specifically those right below red light. They are long wavelengths that provide warmth and energy. From improved recovery to pain reduction and better sleep, this treatment method offers incredible benefits.

This guide from the experts at Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. explores how far infrared therapy can improve your physical and mental health.

What Is Far Infrared Therapy?

The sun provides light in various wavelengths, each a part of the natural light spectrum. Ultraviolet light wavelengths are short and intense. They cause damage to the skin and other complications.

Far infrared light, with long, safe wavelengths, falls on the opposite side of the light spectrum. Far infrared therapy uses these naturally occurring, “good” wavelengths to rejuvenate the body’s cells. It is an entirely non-invasive and pain-free procedure that does not break or puncture the skin.

Far infrared rays penetrate beyond even the deepest layers of the skin to target the muscles and bones.

Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy for Circulation and Cardiovascular Health

What’s more important than your heart? This precious organ pumps and oxygenates the blood, sending it throughout your body and to your vital organs. It also helps muscles stay strong and limber.

However, blood vessels require nitric oxide. Without this precious substance, they can’t transport blood to where it needs to be. However, there is a solution: far infrared therapy.

This incredible modality stimulates nitric oxide production.

Far infrared therapy stimulates nitric oxide production. More nitric oxide in the blood improves the blood system’s overall efficiency, which increases cardiovascular output, a process that decreases blood pressure.

Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation Through Far Infrared Therapy

Chronic pain and muscle tension can wreak havoc on your body, no matter the cause. Conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia cause serious suffering, and you deserve treatment that can help you feel better. Far infrared therapy excels at pain relief.

Far infrared therapy tackles inflammation at the root. As stated, it encourages greater blood flow, providing the crucial nutrients your muscles and bones need to heal. Even the most severe chronic conditions can diminish in degree thanks to this innovative treatment method.

Infrared therapy also removes toxins from the blood. Moreover, it assists with cellular regeneration and repair by encouraging mitochondria growth within cells. So, when you experience a nasty injury, like a broken bone or torn muscle, infrared therapy can provide you with an extra boost that will aid in your recovery process.

Remember how far infrared therapy targets inflammation? Given that inflammation is the root cause of muscle tension, far infrared therapy excels at relieving muscle pain, no matter the cause, restoring your muscles to a more normal state.

Boosting Immune Function with Far Infrared Therapy

The immune system is your body’s shield. It consists of many different parts, such as lymphocyte cells and various organs, and identifies and eliminates pathogens within the body—viruses, bacteria, and parasites, to name a few. A bad immune system leaves you vulnerable to serious health complications.

Far infrared therapy stimulates white cell production, replenishing their count to maintain a first line of defense against infections. It also helps organs and other essential body parts rejuvenate and heal. This treatment modality is among the best around when it comes to illness prevention.

Far Infrared Therapy for Detoxification and Improved Skin Health

Countless nasty toxins can make their way into your body. Artificial toxins in food or unclear air inhibit proper bodily functions, but there are also natural toxins. Detoxification is certainly a vital and necessary part of improving your overall health.

Far infrared therapy penetrates deep into your body. This excellent treatment annihilates unhealthy toxins and gives your body the power to flush them out once and for all. Adjusting to a healthier default state free of any terrible toxins like lactic acids, heavy metals, and carcinogens will vastly improve your body’s overall health and well-being.

Ultraviolet light damages the skin and causes cancer. This form of light is nothing like far infrared light; far infrared light does the exact opposite. By stimulating skin cell growth and healing damaged cells, far infrared light wavelengths make your skin fresh, radiant, and healthy.

Stress Reduction and Improved Sleep Quality

Unfortunately, stress is an all too common part of everyday life. While some stress levels are natural, in high amounts, stress can wreak havoc on your body, causing chronic pain, tension, and migraines. Stress may even lead to diminished mood and feelings of depression; you need to manage your stress levels to feel better about yourself.

Relaxation becomes accessible and intuitive with far infrared therapy. By reducing your body’s inflammation and improving its cardiovascular operations, among other crucial benefits, you feel will better overall, and your mental performance will increase. Stress will then be something that’s easier for you to manage.

However, the most important for stress relief is proper sleep. Poor sleep hygiene can increase stress levels, but ironically, stress can worsen your sleep. How do you solve this problem?

Far infrared therapy can make sleep easy and enjoyable. By decreasing your overall stress levels, you will have an easier time relaxing. Falling asleep will be much more straightforward; once asleep, your body’s rejuvenation processes will accelerate and do a much better job of healing from the stress and tension of the day.

Consider Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared therapy offers numerous benefits, making it an appealing treatment. Between improved cardiovascular health, better sleep, and chronic pain management, among countless other perks, this treatment modality is one to consider if you want to improve your physical and mental health.