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Richway Biomat Sale

Richway Biomat Sale

Richway Summer Sizzling Biomat Sale Something for Everyone!

Richway’s Summer  Biomat sale is back and it’s bigger than ever so now is the time to get your Biomat®! Starting on June 4th and going through September 7th you as a Distributor and your client as a customer can really get the best value when you sell or purchase your Richway Biomat®. Your Clients will be able to get Biomat® accessories for free or at a significantly reduced price. While you as the distributor will be able to earn the highest commission available regardless of your Richway Distributor Level.


The Richway Sale is the best time for your clients to get the Their Biomat® as the following items will be free with purchase or significantly reduced.

Biomat Distributors Earn a 20% Commission During The Summer Sizzle Sale:

That’s right, weather your a seasoned Distributors with years of experience or just getting started on sharing the many benefits of the Richway Biomat®, you will be earning the same amazing commission that the highest level distributors earn. So take this time to earn your well deserved reward by sharing the Biomat®  with  the people you care about the most or work with so they too can experience the Richway Biomat Difference.

20% Commission on the following:

The summer of 2017 is the hottest time to get the best deal on your Richway Biomat. The sales goes to September 2nd however, some items will only be available until they are completely sold out. Give us a call today or order only to ensure you don’t miss this sales event.