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Biomat Scientific Inquiry

Biomats Scientific Inquiry

The things people will do to stay healthy.

Have you ever heard of the Polar Bear Plunge? It’s when humans acting of their own free will jump into icy cold water and swim around. Why would they do that? It sounds crazy right? It’s also known as cryotherapy and it has a genuinely star-studded following. For example, life coach Tony Robbins suggests cryotherapy for specific health and wellness benefits. You can see the article from a scientific inquiry by the Robbins Research International Inc. here. According to Robbins cryotherapy will improve lymphatic circulation, improve cardiovascular circulation, reduce muscle inflammation, increase happiness, and increase weight loss.

Scientific Inquiry – Far infrared warmth feels better.

The makers of Biomat products offer a type of body temperature therapy that is opposite of cryotherapy – and much more comfortable for most people. granted it doesn’t have the same benefits. You may find that multiple self-care practices suit you. Biomat® products offer hyperthermia – or raising body temperature. Picture warm beaches, hot stone therapy, or a far infrared sauna, but at home in your favorite resting spot when you can lay down, relax, take in some relaxing negative ion breaths and explore the benefits of far infrared heat on the body.

Humans have been working with body temperature adjustments forever. From polar bear plunges to receiving infrared heat from warm rocks and sandy beaches.  So naturally, with the help of a scientific inquiry in intentional body temperature adjustments as a form of medical care or self-care. There is so much science to do and so little time. As always trust your doctor’s care and explore your self-care options responsibly. We believe that the benefits of Biomat® far infrared therapy will prove to you to be helpful for stress management, pain management, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and improving sleep.

Scientific inquiry on health and wellness benefits of far infrared therapy:

In an article published by Clinical Rheumatology January 2009, Volume 28, Issue 1, pp 29-34 some scientists look at the benefits of far infrared on a specific type of pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.  Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious progressive inflammatory auto-immune disease which is associated with a great deal of pain partly due to inflammation. Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis which causes inflammation between vertebrate. 

To help provide some relief for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis Fredrikus G. J. Oosterveld, Johannes J. Rasker, Mark Floors, Robert Landkroon, Bob van Rennes, Jan Zwijnenber, Mart A. F. J. van de Laar, and Gerard J. Koel spent some time with the subject of far infrared therapy and rheumatoid arthritis. Their specific delivery method of far infrared energy was a sauna.

We are suggesting that the benefits of far infrared energy generated through the use of Biomat® technology is like that of the benefits received through receiving far infrared energy in the sauna environment. (Check out this page to learn the scientific basics about far infrared energy. You can also click here to see the full study this article is examining.) Many many Biomat® customers have reported similar satisfying results with receiving far infrared therapy through Biomat® technology. 

In the study 34 patients, 17 with rheumatoid arthritis and 17 with ankylosing spondylitis received 8 infrared treatments over 4 weeks. It was observed during treatment that far infrared therapy did not increase disease or symptoms.

This scientific inquiry gives us some background and historical reference for their belief that heat will serve to help with pain reduction. They specifically cite journal articles about heat energy delivered through mineral springs(3) and (4) and then many more. They consider this heat-based therapy to be a “whole body hyperthermia”. They noticed that far infrared energy, as produced in mineral springs, has the quality of penetrating into body tissue.

The scientists tracked clinical measurements 4 weeks prior to the far infrared treatment and 4 weeks after. There is a lot of information in the article if you need all the specifics.

Immediate effects of infrared treatment.

During infrared treatment – “pain and stiffness significantly decreased clinically (p < 0.05 and p < 0.001 in RA and AS patients, respectively) during an IR session” (See Table 3 in the article)

Delayed effects during and 4 weeks after treatment on primary outcomes.

“In RA patients, pain, stiffness, and fatigue showed slight improvements during the 4-week treatment period; stiffness almost reached statistical significance: p = 0.06 (Table 4). In the AS patients, stiffness improved after the treatment, but this did not reach statistical significance (p = 0.30); otherwise, small or no effect were seen during the treatment and post-treatment periods (Table 4 in the article).”

The article goes on to discuss further outcomes. If you have gotten this far it is most certainly worthy of your time to thoroughly research the complete article. As usual, we absolutely suggest that you follow doctors orders and be mindful of Biomat Safety Precautions.

The human body is vastly mysterious and miraculously capable.  It is deserving of our continued safe and careful exploring of self-care technology. Our energetic care is the care of the future. If you have any questions for Richway Biomat please be in touch at (844) BIO-MATS  (844-246-6287)