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Negative Ion Therapy

Negative Ion Therapy

What is Negative Ion Therapy?

Negative ions are what make people feel good. In contrast, positive ions make a person feel sluggish and lethargic. The negative ions that are emitted by the BioMat are called Master Power Switch because it energizes the body’s whole cellular communication system and will help a person’s bodily functions to operate more efficiently. One of the things that make the Richway BioMat so powerful and balanced is the amethyst crystals that are in the upper layer that helps deliver healthy Far Infrared Light Waves.

The Richway BioMat is beneficial in pain management because it has many health benefits. The Richway BioMat helps promote relaxation and sleep; relieves pain and eases joint stiffness; increases blood circulation and cardiovascular function; improves immune functions; removes waste and toxins; purifies the blood and assists in detoxification; helps to drain the lymphatic system; improves the skin; releases free radicals; decreases acidity while balancing the pH; helps to relieve insomnia, stiffness and chronic constipation; elevates mood; enhances the absorption and assimilate nutrients; alleviates allergies, migraines and sinus problems; strengthens immune function; increases oxygen to the brain for higher alertness and mental energy.

Negative IonsMost people are affected by indoor environments such as cars, electronic devices, electromagnetic fields and pollution that increase the amount of positive ions in our bodies. The result of this buildup is a physiological imbalance that can have detrimental health consequences. When a person has too few negative ions in the body they could have more physiological dysfunctions and deficiencies such as allergies, joint pain, nerve issues, kidney problems, fatigue, and sleep issues. Using the Richway BioMat with amethyst helps transform positive ions to negative ions in the body. The negative ions go from the BioMat right into the body through the skin’s surface helping accelerate and deepen the healing and cleansing processes.

The benefits of negative ion therapy and the positive effects on the body is like an electrical charge. If you have not tried a BioMat and experienced the benefits of negative ion therapy you are missing out. Get out of the air conditioning this summer and spend time in the clean air. You can also spend time in the air while using a biomat or biomat mini.