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You need a Biomat, Order Direct… Biomats.com

Biomat Professional

I Need a Biomat

If your reading this, chances are you have already tried the Biomat and loved it!  Or have been reading and hearing about the many health benefits that only a high quality Infrared medical device can provide. The Genuine Richway Biomat is the treatment tool that you need. Whether you are looking for temporary pain reduction from arthritis or  need the Biomat for more pressing issues. Then Infrared Therapy combined with the many holistic attributes that are only available in a Genuine Biomat. Are all reason you need to secure your Biomat direct from Biomats.com

Biomat Professional

20 Years of Biomat Excellence!!!

The Biomat has been providing pain relief and helping people like you all around the world since 1996.  During these 20 years, Richway has learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.  Meaning that the Biomat that you buy today includes a host of complementary holistic therapies such as Orgone Energy, Quantum Energy, and resistant frequencies comparable to the human just to name a few. When these concepts work together, you can feel and experience what 20 years of cutting edge innovation feels like!


Richway Biomat 20 years

100% Genuine Biomat… 0.00% Counterfeit Risk!!!

When you purchase direct from Biomats.com, you are GUARANTEED that you be getting a real Biomat directly shipped from the Richway’s factory. Eliminating ALL possibility of accidentally  buying a cheap counterfeit. Which unfortunately has become a growing problem in today’s online shopping. Not convinced? Read this Forbes article about Counterfeit Goods  (or should i say “Bads.”)


Beware Counterfeit Biomats

Start My Risk-Free Trial

Experience the Biomat difference in your life and see why over 3 million people around the world love their Biomat. If you do not love your Biomat call us and return it no questions asked. We are confident that you and your family will quickly love the way the Biomat makes you feel. Click Below to experience THE BIOMAT DIFFERENCE!!!

What People Are Saying About Their Biomats

Vivian Wong (Acupuncturist)

My clients look forward to their acupuncture session thanks to Biomat, keeping them relaxed and refreshed throughout the session. Many of them have never done acupuncture before and they were able to relax and forget about the needles as they melt away on the mat. The Biomat case is also sturdy enough to transport the mat with ease. My clients were pleasantly surprised as I brought the mat to their home visit, and so did their cats. Everyone loves it. It’s hilarious to hear the cats fought over space under the massage table as I was needing my client on the mat.

Miriam M. (Full Time Mom)

Loving both my professional and my mini!!! Thank you for your time and assistance!!!

Thomas B. (Accountant & Husband)

My line of work is pretty stressful so I occasionally will get a massage.  Which is where I first came across the Biomat. I always feel pretty good after a massage but this time I felt so much more calmer and relaxed. I told my wife about it and had her get a massage from the same lady and the arthritis pain she had in her wrist and knees melted away. That day we bought one.  2 weeks later we bought a second one as we were finding it hard to share it.  I don’t know why it works so well… I just know it WORKS!!!

Christopher T. (Retired Veteran)

I’m on a fixed income and have been wanting a bio-mat for a long time. The guy who helped me gave a really good discount which really helped out.

Lauren H. (Teacher and Survivor)

I had been diagnosed with breast xxxxxx, my friend recommended I  get the Biomat. I called around looking for information not knowing much about it.  Hands down Elizabeth at Biomats.com was the most knowledgeable and helpful person I spoke with and I called quite a few people.  I learned a lot about why the Biomat works and was really excited for it to arrive.  Once I got it, all I can say is WOW.  It really makes me feel so much better and is a unique feeling. The Biomat it now one of my most cherished possession.