Biomat Black Friday Sale

Biomat Black Friday Sale


The Biomat Black Friday Sale is going on today and ends on Friday at Midnight Hawaii time!!! Or until we are sold out.  CALL TODAY TO GET YOUR BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS: 1-844-BIOMATS (844-246-6487)

Biomat Black Friday Sale Means FREE Gifts!!!

You will get FREE Shipping on any Biomat order you Place on Black Friday. You will also get the Best pricing available when you order directly from

Free Mega Bio Cleanse, Aroma Stand, Or Germanium Power Pad

Order the Biomat Professional, The Biomat Comfort Combo, or the Biomat Mini  from and you will will get to one of these : Mega Bio Cleanse 365  or  the  Biomat Aroma Stand Or the all New Gernaminum Power Pad 187!!!

Biomat Professional:

When you Order you will get a Certificate emailed to you, allowing you to chose either of the following Free Gifts:

  • Mega Bio Cleanse 30 Pack
  • Biomat Aroma Stand

Biomat Professional Crystals


Biomat Comfort Combo or Biomat Professional Combo:

When you Order you will get a Certificate emailed to you, allowing you to chose either of the following Free Gifts:

  • Mega Bio Cleanse 90 Pack
  • Germanium Power Pad
  • Biomat Aroma Stand

Biomat Professional and Quantum Energy Pad

Biomat Professional Combo with Pillow

Free 90 Pack Box of Mega Bio Cleanse!!!

This Black Friday, if you order the Biomat Professional and either a Biomat pillow or Quantum Energy Pad. you will get this gut supporting food which will allow you to get benefits externally from your Biomat and internally with Mega Bio Cleanse 365. (What is it?)  This video below will let you know.

Mega BioCleanse is one of the Best Free Gifts you can Get with your Biomat. I strongly recommend you get this free gift!!!

Free Germanium Power Pad 187!!!

Biomat Black Friday Sale means if you get the Mini Biomat, or Either of the Biomat Combos, you will have the option to  get this powerful addition to your Biomat. Made of Highly refined Germanium, this little pad will help boost the Infrared effectiveness by up to 187 times. BIG THINGS really do come in small packages when it comes to the Germanium power Pad.

Best Deal Best Prices.

Order online before Black Friday and you will Qualify for your Free gift Certificate, or you can give us a call at 1-844-Biomats (844-246-6487) and  we can help answer your your Biomat Questions.

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    1. PJ,
      Thanks for taking the time to write in to us. Our Biomat Black Friday or Demo Pricing can’t be beat. In Fact it is so low we I can’t even post the price online. if you would like to know the Biomat Black Friday Pricing or our unbeatable Demo pricing please give us a call at 1-844-Biomats (844) 246-6287. I will also email you my direct contact number to personally respond to your questions.

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