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Amethyst infrared, Quantum Energy, Orgone Energy & So Much More ... Plus get Free shipping!!! let the Biomat help melt your Stress away !


  • Relaxation of Muscles 
  • Increased of Local Circulation Where Applied

Biomat Provides Temporary Relief From:

  •  Minor Muscle Pain
  • Minor Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Joint Pain Associated With Arthritis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Minor Sprains
  • Minor Muscular Back Pain

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Exclusive Biomat Energies

The real Biomat is so much more than just Infrared and Negative ions. Orgone Energy, Quantum Energy, Hideo Geometry,

30 Day Trial period*

Try the Biomat for up to 30 days. if you don't Love it Well arrange to have it sent back. *100% Money Back Guarantee if Returned by the 7th day.



Biomat is an Effective Self-Care Tool for Modern Life.

The Biomat brings the benefits of far infrared energy and negative ion therapy into our homes and wellness offices. With the Biomat, we can use the healing effects of far-infrared energy and negative ions at will and as needed. No other self-care tool provides the natural quality of Biomat.

Far infrared energy and negative ions can protect and heal our bodies, and lengthen our lives. Far infrared energy is an invisible light that produces radiant heat. It is what we experience when we feel the deep penetrating warmth of the sun’s rays or when we spread our on a big rock warmed by the sun. Negative ions are often considered the vitamins of the air and are inhaled during exposure to natural environments and moving water.

The evolution of the human body has always included far infrared energy. Many scientists consider it a breakdown in our modern lifestyle that we are not receiving similar levels of exposure to far-infrared and negative ions that we have enjoyed over the expanse of human history. Additionally, our modern lifestyles even increase our exposure to health degrading positive ions as they are produced in our synthetic and highly electrical environments.


Biomat Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can use the Richway Biomat?

With therapeutic settings that produce no external heat while still providing infrared and negative Ion therapy to the highest setting of 158 degrees. The Richway Amethyst Biomat can be used by nearly everyone. However, Richway International Inc. has stated that there is a percentage of people who should not use the Biomat.

This link will provide the full details. Biomat Safety Precautions.

I love the Amethyst Biomat , can I sleep on it all night Long?

20 years ago when the Richway Biomat was created, the thought of people actually sleeping on it all night was not even a thought. Yet, It did not take long for Richway International Inc. to start getting reports of this very activity happening. Yes, you can sleep on your Richway Biomat. This can either be the Biomat Professional or even the Biomat Mini. However, With the revolutionary Orgone-Biomat now in existence, we are getting a lot of customers using both for the most comprehensive Biomat Lifestyle.

Why Does Genuine Richway Biomats Cost more than other heating or Infrared Pads?

From a customer’s viewpoint, this is a very valid question. It’s easy to go online and type in a word or two and see three of four things that look alike with different prices. This is the same for Infrared Mats. It really comes down to 5 things:


This is a whole topic unto itself. In short, You get what you pay for.

My Husband/Wife does not want to get off the Biomat. How long can they stay on it?

If this is you, Don’t worry you’re not alone. We at Biomats.com hear this a lot and not only from our clients but from many of our staff. The Richway Biomat really is an “experience” type of device, as it is very hard to put into words the feelings and love for the Biomat that people have.

With regard to how long a person can stay on, it is really up to the person. At the lower temperature or no heat setting there really is no upper limit. Which is why the Richway Biomat has a timer that can be set for up to 12 hours. However, On the higher heat settings, we recommend no more that 30 minutes to an hour 1 or 2 times a day.  As always if you have any questions, it is best to consult your physician.

What EMF protection does the Biomat have?

Electromagnetic Pollution is a real concern faced by nearly everyone in our modern world. With the worse part being, most people don’t even know it’s a problem. The Richway Biomat is a Medical Device that is intended to help people by Way of helping to restore balance to the Body. The Last thing you want when you’re getting Amethyst Infrared therapy is an undesirable dose of EM pollution. That is why there are multiple methods of EMF protection built into the Genuine Richway Biomat (keyword… GENUINE).

Starting with the conversion of the Alternating Current AC into a Direct Current DC before it even gets to the Biomat. Then multiple layers of the mat absorb and deflect, ensuring you have the most therapeutic Richway Biomat experience. Without the fear of high levels of EMF Pollution that come with bargain bin mats.

I have a metal implant, will I be able to use the Biomat?

Metal implants such as pins, meshes, rods, or synthetic joints, tend to reflect infrared energy. Therefore they do not heat up to a degree that would be detrimental during normal Biomat use. However, should you have a metal or other type of implant, it is best to consult your doctor prior to using any new medical device.

What is the difference between the Mini Biomat and the Professional Biomat?

The obvious difference between the Mini Biomat and the Professional Biomat is the size. This really comes down to whole body coverage with Professional Biomat vs directed coverage with the Mini Biomat. While the Professional offers a great therapeutic coverage. One can’t discount the versatility you get with a mini Biomat. See the full comparison of the Mini Biomat vs Professional Biomat to included the structural and gemstone difference using this link.

I live outside the US do you ship the Richway Biomat internationally?

Richway International & Fuji Bio Inc. is an international company that currently operates in over 36 countries. Richway not only ships internationally, They actually have several major distribution hubs all over the world. This ensures the growing demand for better health and wellness through natural means are met by Richway International.

What are the benefits of the Richway Biomat Pillow?

The Biomat Pillow will provide gentle infrared and negative ion therapy to the cervical and cranial region. The Biomat Pillow does not have an external heating source like the Mini Biomat or Professional Biomat. This is because you do not what to over heat your brain for prolonged periods of time. The Biomat pillow derives energy that your Body emits in the form of heat, Infrared, and electromagnetic energy to energy the amethyst and tourmaline crystals. They then radiate gentle infrared and negative ions back toward your head, neck, and face.


Whether you want to add a Biomat Pillow, make your Biomat Softer, protect it from sweat & accidents, or Add 2 New Powerful Modalities to your Biomat Experience. We have everything to need.


Innovative Technology for a Healthier Life

The BioAcoustic Mat™ is a revolutionary vibroacoustic therapy device made by Richway & Fuji Bio, makers of the world-renowned Biomat.

Years of scientific research has shown that specific low frequency sound pulsations and beautiful brainwave entraining music have powerful therapeutic effects on our health and well-being. The practical applications of sound being used in treatments have been present in cultures throughout our history. Early cultures such as the Aborigines, a tribal group from Australia, have used sound to heal the ill. They would use a yidaki, a musical instrument in which blown air would create very low vibrations.

Sound At A Cellular Level | Dr. Lee Bartel

Dr. Lee Bartel,  helped create the BioAcoustic Mat. He is also  one of the world’s foremost authority on vibroacoustic therapy. Research has shown scientifically developed sounds will relax and renew your body naturally.  Drawing on Decades of experience, Dr. Bartel along with RichwayFuji Bio, has created the BioAcoustic Mat which is the Next Generation VibroAcoustic Wellness Device. 

VibroAcoustic Mat

The BioAcoustic Mat™ Frequencies

The BioAcoustic Mat™ employs a powerful low frequency sound generator that delivers a deep acoustic massage for joints and tissues. The music pieces on the BioAcoustic Mat™ apply the low frequencies of 30-68 Hz to massage large muscles and the higher 52-88 Hz level for smaller muscles.

BioAcoustic Mat™ music

Four Different types of Categories

BioAcoustic Mat™ music is organized into 4 categories to help you renew or relax your body, prepare you for sleep, or to relieve stress. Each BioAcoustic Mat™ contains 12 tracks developed by vibroacoustic expert, Dr. Lee Bartel. The therapeutic music was created in the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, or Gamma wavelengths for entrainment.


Guitar, piano, digital sound, bass, mono and binaural high alpha and beta entertainment


Digital ocean, surf, and nature sounds


Mono and binaural delta entertainment


Piano, flute and digital sound


Become A Distributor

Do you love the Biomat? If so your not the only one. When people try the Biomat, many people like it so much, they want to get one for their home, their family, or for their office so clients and customers can benefit from it as well. If you would like to become a Biomat distributor, you can get started now. It’s a great way to earn additional income for sharing something practically sells itself once people try The Biomat or BioAcoustic Mat. Get started today and Earn a commission the next time someone ends up getting a Biomat after trying your Biomat.

– Earn up to a 20% Commission
– Opportunity for Bonus based on Sales Volume
– Coupons for Discounted Richway products
– 1 time Distributor fee… No Renewals… and No Sales Quotas


Biomats Commitment

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