Fake Biomat

Fake Biomat and Tricking Customers


Mimicry is not new, It’s been around in nature for millions of years. Primarily used by animals pretending to be something far more dangerous than it really was. This trick allowed animals that did not have any poison or superior strength to ride the coat-tails of other animals that really did have the goods to back up their displays. Thereby giving the imposter a free pass to roam with impunity.

Counterfeit Biomat

Why a Fake Biomat looks like a Real Biomat

This same strategy has been adopted by those who want to make a quick buck off the coat-tails of legitimate products. In this case, a Fake Biomat made to look like a real Biomat. The truth is, counterfeits are made to look like the original product on the outside because that’s what people see. So if a Fake Biomat has chemically or heat treated amethyst to save money and it is brown on the outside with a PVC window (YES!!! SOME Fake Biomats have had Polyvinyl Chloride plastic on them… View this link to see how good that is for you) then the deception is complete. The fact is, they do not have to trick every customer who needs a Genuine Richway Biomat to make a profit before they get shut down. They only need to trick a few people… DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!!!

The Video Below will illustrate how mimicry not only in nature but online can be used to trick you. Can you tell which one is an actual Richway Biomat? Most people can’t, and unfortunately that’s what some companies are counting on.  Learn the truth and get your Richway Biomat Direct from Biomats.com to ensure you are getting the Real Deal.

Fake Biomat


Some Counterfeits Can Hurt You

Richway Biomats clearly are not the only items that are counterfeited. We have all seen or heard of the “Folexs,” the “Fradas” and my personal favorite… The Louis Fauxton!!! However, while these counterfeits hurt the parent company’s image and quality reputation, they rarely pose any real danger to the customer who either knowingly or unwittingly got duped into buying a fake item.

This, unfortunately, is not always the case when people are tricked into buying a fake Biomat or other counterfeit medical equipment. The whole reason for getting a Richway Biomat is to improve the quality of your life and to experience the many proven health benefits that only a Genuine Biomat can offer. The similarities between a real Biomat and any number of the here today gone tomorrow “Biomat Imposters” ends at the surface. This is not what you want when you are trying to improve your health and wellness. In the case of a fake Biomat, all the cut corners to save cost and often subpar materials used really can hurt you.

Fake Biomats Buyer Beware

Fake Biomat, Off The Chart EMF, Toxic Chemicals, & Inferior Performance

If getting less of what your body needs, such as reduced infrared in the Vital Range and lower negative ion output. Not to mention any of the patented energetic layers within the Biomat.  While getting potentially more of what your body DOES NOT NEED. Like Off the Chart EMF readings and potential toxic off-gassing from cheap plastics and inexpensive low quality dyed polymer resins made to look like Jade medallions. Then, by all means, save a few bucks with a Fake Biomat or “Here Today…Gone Tomorrow” pop up company out of China. Who just wants to make a quick buck and will close shop when too many complaints or faulty equipment becomes problematic.

Richway Biomat, 20 Years of Improvement and Innovation

The reason a producer of a Fake Biomat try and trick you are because they know that in the last 2 decades research and development have made the Richway Biomat… The Best Far Infrared Medical device available.  They also know the quality of the Biomat is second to none. With many customers having their Biomat for 10, 15, even 20 YEARS!!! So it is no wonder that imitators and downright counterfeits would target you, the Biomat Customer during this age of internet fake reviews and outright lies in many cases.

Ensure you get the following by ordering a Genuine Richway Biomat Directly from Biomats.com

  • 100% Peace of Mind You are getting THE REAL DEAL!!!

Biomat Store

Have questions? Give us a call at 1-844-BIOMATS and let our Biomat Experts help ensure you get the right Biomat for your unique needs.


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1 thought on “Fake Biomat”

  1. Jennifer Lee-Sims

    I have owned a biomat since 2012 I have used it everyday to help with muscle and overall body aches. I feel like I haven’t gotten sick because I can lay on the mat and help my body fight off infection naturally. It is by far the best thing ever. I can’t imagine being without one.

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