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Healing with biomat

Healing With Biomat

For people looking into natural alternatives for some common ailments, amethyst Biomats could provide healing and relief from symptoms. Let’s delve into how it works. What Is a Biomat? A Biomat is a soft, padded mat made of various layers. These layers include cotton outer layers, waterproof and thermal protection fabrics, carbon fiber, copper, a […]

Benefits of Biomat Therapy

Do you want to decrease muscle and joint pain from the comfort of your own home? Unlike other therapies, the Biomat doesn’t require additional effort on your part; you simply rest your body on top of the mat and allow the energy transfer to relieve your Temporary pain symptoms naturally. The Biomat delivers the benefits […]

Infrared Therapy

Biomat Therapy

BioMat therapy is a unique therapy that offers a natural approach to pain management and general improvement of overall health and well-being. From using BioMat therapy to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pains, reduce inflammation, or to help boost the immune system by inducing an artificial fever in the body, the benefits and calming effect […]