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Biomat Infrared Mat

Try Using An Infrared Mat For Pain Relief

Try Using An Infrared Mat For Pain Relief Once an injury occurs a person could endure a trip to the emergency room, months and even years of physical therapy, MRIs, EG tests and countless injections and prescriptions just to manage the pain.  Often times these treatments do not work.  Using an Infrared Mat as a […]

Biomats Scientific Inquiry

Biomat Scientific Inquiry

The things people will do to stay healthy. Have you ever heard of the Polar Bear Plunge? It’s when humans acting of their own free will jump into icy cold water and swim around. Why would they do that? It sounds crazy right? It’s also known as cryotherapy and it has a genuinely star-studded following. […]

Biomat® for Pain Reduction

Biomat for Pain Reduction

Pain Reduction Nobody likes to be in pain. Most of us want to reduce or eliminate pain in any way possible. Many of us suffer side effects of medicinal options from pain reduction. Medications for pain can come with lots of different side effects like: Rashes Nausea Heartburn Ulcer Liver damage Dizziness Drowsiness and Fatigue. […]