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Group Meditation

Mass Meditation

What is Mass Meditation? Many people are familiar with the concept of Meditation but have never considered the power of Mass Meditation. In fact the earliest documentation of meditation date back 5,00 to 3500 BC. As illustrated on  ancient Wall Art in India shows people in the traditional Indian meditative position with eyes ever so […]

Surviving the Winter Blues with Biomat

Feeling the winter blues? Make Biomat your winter survival kit

With the winter season upon us, we ready ourselves for the onslaught of lethargy, bleakness, dark moods, and spending time indoors curled around near the fire, simply trying to stay warm and ward off the Winter Blues. We all lie in the wait for the warmer and brighter days to come to the rescue. The […]

Biomat Combos

Biomat Combo Therapy

Richway Biomat Combo Therapy The Biomat is a very powerful tool that no other medical device can compare. The FDA approved Richway Biomat holds a 510k rating, meaning that it has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and proven to provide temporary relief to a whole host of conditions. The proven benefits of […]