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  • I absolutely love the Professional Biomat. I started my healing journey 4 years ago in Pennsylvania. A close friend of mine that is an energy healer also has a Biomat. I had gone to her to help me and she had me lay on her Biomat, I just felt relief and relaxation. I had gone to her regularly as she worked on me while laying on the Biomat. It has helped me so much. I had moved to Arizona 3 years ago and continued on getting all my energy healing certifications. I love the crystal healing, and that is why I just love the Biomat so much. It goes hand and hand with all of my healing practices. I am so excited about getting the new Biomat Professional, and Biomat Pillow. Thank you so much for such a great product, and such wonderful people to work with!!!
    Michelle Weber, CTA™ Practitioner
  • I just ordered a Biomat, after borrowing a friend's. She had suggested I try it for relief from chronic back pain. I was initially skeptical, but quickly learned that its soothing, relaxing warmth feels wonderful, and even helps me sleep more deeply. We call it the "magic mat." The Biomat will be part of my self-care regimen, which includes massage, yoga, and regular exercise. I frequently take long road trips, and I plan to travel with it for relief from the cramping and fatigue of a day of driving.
    Cindy R.
  • My clients look forward to their acupuncture session thanks to Biomat, keeping them relaxed and refreshed throughout the session. Many of them have never done acupuncture before and they were able to relax and forget about the needles as they melt away on the mat. The Biomat case is also sturdy enough to transport the mat with ease. My clients were pleasantly surprised as I brought the mat to their home visit, and so did their cats. Everyone loves it. It's hilarious to hear the cats fought over space under the massage table as I was needling my client on the mat.
    Vivian Wong, Acupuncturist
Dr. Louisa RogersProfessor
"I have had my new queen- size Orgone Biomat for three weeks. I replaced my older, original, Professional Biomat -size mat with this new one, and overjoyed does not express how I feel about my new mat. I’m a big fan of the Biomat and recommend it to anyone who will listen to me."
Shaindy Customer
"I have suffered from fibromyalgia for the past 15 years. One of the primary symptoms from which I suffer, is lack of deep restorative sleep. I can only fall asleep if I take a nightly dose of Elavil along with melatonin. Of late, I have noted that the medication and supplement have not been as effective as they used to be. However, I recently sat on the biomat for a just a short period of time at mid-afternoon and I began to feel drowsy with a feeling of relaxation that was so unlike anything I have ever experienced. Looking forward to using it regularly, to minimize the muscle pain and stiffness and possibly relieve host of other symptoms that accompany my condition." Sincerely, Shaindy S.
Deb L.Occasional Therapist. 35 + years
"I experienced my first biomat healing on my chiropractor table. It was soothing, relaxing and I felt the warmth all the way thru my muscle and deep within my internal organs. I purchased my Professional Biomat and Biomat Mini after an auto accident several years ago . I use my Professional Biomat in my practice as an Occupational therapist. My clients love it. I sleep on my biomat mini 365 nights a year. Everyone in my home tries to get a turn on the biomat. We now have three biomat minis in order to keep the peace. It is truly an extraordinary tool that creates peaceful sleep and happy hearts in our home."
Ruth B.Biomat Believer
"A friend of mine recommended the biomat to me. She said she uses it all the time . I tried her professional Biomat and found it very heavy to move from place to place I ordered the mini mat thinking that I would share it with other family members. I have a of the family members is not sharing..He has the mat and is using it all the time..The few times that he let me "borrow it" I felt my tight muscles loosen up and I woke up earlier feeling more rested..I ordered another Biomat hoping that I will have more of a chance to use it. Thank you Ron (at )for taking the time to answer my questions."