What is EMF?

What is EMF?

EMF is short for EM field or electromagnetic field. This is an actual physical field that is produced by devices that have an electrical charge. It may seem harmless because it is something that we can’t really see or strongly sense, but the fact is that the electrical charge in the EMF will interact with any electricity within the field.

The human body is full of electrical charges. Chemical reactions that happen within our bodies result in electrical charges that then travel along our nervous system pathways. Our bodies are FULL of electrical charges. Even more than that our bodies have their own electromagnetic fields surrounding them where even further interactions may take place between electrical devices and our bodies.

The makers of Biomat® technology understand that the combination of the electromagnetic field surrounding the electrically charged Biomat® products and the human bodies that use them may interact. To ensure the best possible therapeutic experience the makers of Biomat® products have added layers into the Biomat® to ensure the greatest possible therapeutic experience for Biomat® technology users. Nothing should get in the way of the powerful pain reduction and inflammation relief offered by Biomat® products.

The layers of the Biomats® include copper, carbon, silicon, and Teflon to reduce the electrical interactions between bodies and Biomats.

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