Used Biomat

Used Biomat

Used Biomat

If you are looking for a used Biomat, then chances are you already know how important the Richway Biomat can be when it comes to your health and wellness. We also understand that many people who need the 510K FDA rated Biomat, maybe on a very strict budget due to being retired or on a fixed budget with multiple Family members to feed and support. We have also seen that many people who need the Biomat have already spent significant funds on treatments and costly medications that makes purchasing a new Biomat not an option. That is why we has decided to make the Biomats in our Biomat Trial Center available to our clients at a Used Biomat Price.

  • Like New Biomats at Used Prices
  • Gift Quality Biomat
  • Payment Plan Available
  • 100% KNOWN HISTORY!!! Often Less than 30 Days New

Used Biomat Horror Stories is making our Trial Center pre-owned Biomats available due to increasing feedback we have been receiving from customers who have bought a pre-owned biomat or a “BIOMAT”  they bought from Amazon or E-Bay (…so they thought…Check out The Fake Biomat Epidemic).  In many of these cases, customers have complained about their “mat” not working as well as the one their doctor or acupuncturist had. They have also complained about their “Mats” Breaking and being made in China and of poor quality (AGAIN LEARN ABOUT FAKE BIOMATS). However, When we ask them to send us pictures of their “mat,” we often had to regretfully inform them that what they are using is not a Genuine Richway Biomat. But rather, one of the ever-increasing number of cheaply made imitation, or worse… Counterfeit Biomats that has flooded The internet.

Those lucky enough to avoid getting tricked into buying a fake Biomat may still be faced with a Biomat that may have seen a very rough life. Things that you would not even be aware of from a Glamour Shot of the pre-owned Biomat from a good angle or from some stock photo that is not even a picture of what you are paying for. Some of the most noted “Free Gifts” that come with a used Biomat of unknown origin include:

  • 1-3 pounds of dead skin cells
  • Sweat stains and Stranger Danger body odor when heated
  • Pet hair and dander
  • 3rd degree smoke (not just the smell but all the toxins that go along with it)
  • Animal Urine
  • Bodily fluids (Beyond Sweat!!!)

Pre-Owned Biomats From Our Trial Center

When you Buy a Biomat from Trial Center. You are getting a Biomat with a known history. One that has been covered by either the waterproof cover or the Quantum Energy Pad. This means that your Biomat and the quilted cotton Pad that it comes with has ever been directly laid upon without the benefit of a protective barrier. This also means that you have 100% certainty you are getting the Genuine Richway Biomat that You Need. It also means you are getting a biomat at the best price and has not been abused.  Call us today 1-844-246-6287 to order your Like New from Trial Center Biomat.



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24 thoughts on “Used Biomat”

  1. I’d like a price on used mini biomat. I am disabled, prior to that I purchased a pro. Now, I can’t move it very well a whopping 33 pounds worth! Do you have the option of all amethyst or Tourmaline w/Amethyst?

    Thank you so much,

    Kim Edwards

  2. I would like to purchase a lightly used biomat. Due to my receipt health issues and therefore high medical expenditures I really need to find a biomat mini at a good price

  3. Pamela Westfall

    I would like to sell my biomat. It is in perfect condition and rarely used. Do you also purchase used biomats?
    Thank you!

    1. Some people do wish to sell their Biomat often times to either upgrade to the newest model which has more modalities built into over previous generations. While others want to sell their Biomat to get a larger sized one. While we offer out Demo Biomats to our clients from out Biomat Trial Centers. We do maintain full custody of the Biomats that we sell as a Demoo Biomat or Used Biomat. Doing so means that we Know the history of the Biomat as well as ensure that even while being used, it has always either been covered by the Quantum Energy Pad or the Germanium Power Pad 187. This provides a protective barrier between the Biomat and customers. Resulting in a “Like New” used Biomat, Which is very important to our customers. Additionally Because are Demo Biomats are sold at the end of the month, it also means that most of the Biomats Purchased from us have only been in our Centers for less than 30 days.
      Because of this high standard, we are unable to purchase a used Biomat that we do not know the history of. As we only Provide the Best Demo Biomats to our clients.

  4. I am interested in a demo Biomat and wonder what the price is. I am a healthcare worker and a care giver to an elderly parent and I want to stay as healthy as I can so I can continue to serve my family and patients.

    1. Kathy,
      Thanks for taking the time to write to us about our Demo Biomats. They are a great option for providing all the benefits of a New Biomat, but at a fraction of the cost. We will contact you to let you know our current availability. If you have not used the Biomat before I definitely feel that both you and your patients are going to love it!!!

    1. Ellen,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. The Biomat 7000mx is the most current model and the only one we currently use in our showrooms. We will contact you to let you know availability and current pricing.

  5. Hi I’m interested in buying a bio mat but the price of a new one is prohibitive

    What do you have available ?..$$?
    And how quickly can I get it
    Please advise

    1. Joey,
      Thank you for taking the time to write to us about the Biomat. It is a great medical tool that is extremely high demand right now as many people are trying to find ways to cope with the current stressful global situation. We currently have several 2020 models of the Biomat available from our Trial Centers that are available at the Demo Pricing. These Biomats are superior to a Used Biomat that has an unknown history behind it, because they are typically used at our Trial centers for 30 days and are always covered with either the Germanium Power Pad 187 or the Quantum energy Pad. Meaning that Customers have not actually even touched the your Demo Biomat in most cases. This Provides you with the Best Quality and “Like New” Biomat at a price point that is far better than a brand new one.
      We will contact you with current availability and pricing. With regard to Delivery time, We have free shipping options, Expedited,and even up to next day shipping. The best value comes with free shipping as some of the other options are cost prohibitive to some customers.

          1. Darci Ekstrom

            I’m definately interested in a used biomat! Full size preferred…do you do payment plans? I guess I need a price first!!LOL!!!

          2. Darci,
            Thank’s for taking the time to write to us. Getting one of our Demo Biomats is the best way to get a ‘Like New” Biomat at an unbeatable price. We will send you an email with regard to to current availability. Also, You contacted us during a great time. We are currently having our 4th of July Weekend Sale which just started on the 5th. so that means not only would you get Free Shipping, But you may also chose to get a New Biomat as instead and be eligible for an Exclusive Sales Offer!!! We look forward to helping you get your Biomat for your daily enjoyment.

  6. Hi, I’m interested in a professional 7000 biomat, full size. Please get back to me on availability and pricing please. Also if there are any specials that you have going on.
    Much appreciated!

    1. Debra,
      We do have Several Demo Biomats in Both the Professional Biomat Size & the Full Size (this translates into a Twin XL in standard bed terms). When we contact you we will see which one best suites your needs. The Professional Size is the same size as a standard massage table it also works well on a Queen size bed for 1 person. But the Biomat Single fits perfectly on half of a king size bed or on a split king. There currently is a sale which means you may actually be able get a better deal on a New Biomat than a Demo!!! We will let you know about our current sale when we contact you.

    1. Trish,
      Our “Used Biomats” are actually ones that have been in use within our Biomat trial Centers and more accurately described as a “Demo Biomat.” This provides several advantages over a used mat with an unknown history. It also means that your Demo Biomat will be less than 30 days old in most cases and would have always been covered by either the Quantum Energy Pad or the Waterproof Cover. Meaning most have not even been touched by customers. If you wanted a like new Biomat at a Used price… then there is no better option than getting one from direct from You can give us a call or reply to our email to you with a phone number to contact you to provide pricing that is so good, we just can’t post online.

    1. Noelle,
      Getting a used Biomat direct from is the best way to get a “Like New” Biomat at a used Price. Also unlike other Used Biomats. Ours have never left our Trial Centers and are typically only used for 30 days . Which is very different a used Biomat from craigslist or the internet that has been used for Years… and with who knows what has been on it. We will give you a call and let you know our current availability.

  7. I’m interested in a used biomat – professional 7000, twin size, full length with carrycase. I’m Canadian, so Canadian $ please. I’ve read people’s comments, so I’m looking for a “deal”, if possible.

    1. Anne,
      The Biomat Single fits perfectly on a Twin XL bed. It is also the perfect choice for those who have a King size But but may not always want to sleep on the King Size Biomat. The Single size covers exactly half of a King size bed. It is actually the size i have on my spit king bed with adjustable bed frame. We can give you a call to make sure you are getting the correct size Biomat for your needs (just to make sure you are not actually talking about the Professional size). We can also provide our Demo Pricing when we speak.

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