Drinking Glass Set (6 pcs.)


Drink your VitaJuwel water in style.

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Our blossom-shaped VitaJuwel glasses are an excellent accessory to complement your VitaJuwel gemstone wand and decanter. Their sophisticated design with ist sandblasted VitaJuwel lily logo on the bottom ensures a symphonious drinking experience. Each glass holds 6.7 oz., is dishwasher safe and comes with a white lily engraved on the bottom. The lily is also part of our compnay’s logo and an ancient symbol for devotion and humility. According to Masaru Emotos teachings, symbols have a strong effect on the structure of water.

EAN 4260228313450
Comes With 6 glasses
Dimensions & Weight volume ca. 200ml
Material heavy-metal-free glass
Care dishwasher-proof


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