Biomat Professional and Mini Comfort Combo


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The Biomat Professional and Mini Comfort Combo includes a Biomat Professional, a Biomat Mini, and a professional sized Quantum Energy Pad. This product combination delivers a more thorough and complete far infrared therapy with added comfort. The combined therapy of the three products allows the user to experience the greatest circumference and depth of far infrared treatment to any body area in comfort.

The Biomat Professional delivers far infrared from beneath on any flat surface while the Biomat Mini can be placed on any specific body areas. The professional sized Quantum Energy Pad provides comfortable padding without interfering with the far infrared benefit of Biomat. With this combination, it is possible to wrap body parts in far infrared therapy for maximum comfort and benefit.

Wellness professionals, military personnel, and first responders please choose the 100.00 professional discount.


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Biomat® Professional and Mini Comfort Combo

Professional and Mini Comfort Combo, Professional and Mini Comfort Combo with Discount


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