What are Negative Ions?

negative ionNegative ions are atoms or groups of atoms with net negative charges. Ions are everywhere around us. They are invisible and can’t be sensed by humans with any of our five senses. However, many people believe they are able to sense the existence of negative ions in their inner “electrical experience’. An example of this might be the release of tension we experience when we are near moving water like showers, waterfalls, or the ocean.

On the flip side, many people believe they can sense positive ions in their inner “electrical experience” when they are near electronic devices, certain synthetic materials, or even air- conditioned air.  There is a lot of work left to do to nail down specific and exact information about how either positive or negative ions affect the human body. Below we will present some current and historical theory on the human health benefits of negative ions. Please be in touch with any questions.

First some science:

Ions are atoms or groups of atoms in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons. These atoms are imbalanced or not electrically neutral. These atoms will have an either positive or negative net charge.  To be considered a negative ion an atom must have more electrons than protons. Another word for negative ion is anion. Oxygen is Earth’s most common negative ion(1).

Many health and wellness professionals believe that negative ions have health benefits while positive ions can negatively impact health(2). Many many individuals report a positive health response to methods of generating an increase in negative ions in the air that they breathe.  Biomat® technology is offering a double benefit of far infrared and negative ion therapy which makes it a unique offering to the world of self-care, health and wellness professional care, and emergent longevity research.


Sources of Negative Ions:

There are many sources of negative ions. Like we mentioned above negative ions are everywhere around us. Some specific places to find negative ions are near moving water like the shower, a waterfall, or the ocean. This may provide an explanation for why we experience a release of energetic tension when we are near moving water. Negative ions are present during and after storms. Negative ions are also emitted by certain natural materials like stone and crystal.

Many people use crystal salt lamps near their electrical devices like computers to generate negative ions and balance the health costs associated with constant exposure to positive ion generating electrical equipment and synthetic materials.

Biomat® technology uses natural crystals tourmaline and amethyst to produce negative ions for the Biomat® user to breathe in while receiving the benefits of tissue warming far infrared. The Biomat®, Orgone Biomat™, Biobelt™ and Biomat Pillow™ use tourmaline and amethyst to emit various levels of negative ions depending on size and energy source.


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