Infrared Therapy

Infrared Therapy

Infrared Therapy

Light therapy, particularly Infrared Therapy, has been helping people around the world for thousands of years. Even before people knew that light beyond our visual spectrum was the source of that healing. Instances of village shaman healers who used palm healing to help a person recover from an injury quicker. Or when a medicine woman in ancient Sparta would wrap amethyst crystals to an old war injury to ease the pain and increase movement to a battered warrior were commonplace. Both are examples of the transfer of Infrared energy from one person or object into another.  Thanks to modern medical and scientific breakthroughs, we now know that infrared therapy is a very powerful tool that can help your body. Studies have shown that infrared can help with the following just to name a few:

  • Pain Management & Pain Reduction
  • Inflammation Reduction & Increased Circulation
  • Reduces Stress & Fatigue
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Arthritis Pain Reduction
  • Increased Tissue Oxygen
  • Reduces Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Can Improve Sleep
  • Promotes Healthy Sweating

Why You Need Infrared Therapy

If any of the above-mentioned issues are of concern, then you need infrared therapy in your life. Introducing natural and gentle far infrared energy into your life is a very safe and drug-free way to manage pain or any of the other conditions infrared has been shown to be beneficial. This type of therapy also very complimentary and works well with many other therapies or treatments that you may be experiencing.   Furthermore, Naturally derived infrared light can have a positive effect on your mood by altering the hormones you produce. Much like sun light that delivers a full spectrum of visible light, an infrared medical device can deliver deep penetrating light energy that your body uses to work more efficiently. This extra light energy is how infrared therapy naturally enables your body to help heal and restore balance to itself.

The Right Tool For The Job

Knowing that you need Infrared Therapy and actually getting the right tool for the job can be a daunting task. There are many things out there saying that they are the best, but words are cheap. When it comes to Infrared therapy, hands down the best type is full body therapy or full body coverage.  While you can get a small handheld device that can target a small 2 inch squared area of your body that may be in pain. The best results will come from not only targeting the area of concern but also providing the whole body with this vital healing energy.

Biomat Infrared Therapy Infrared Therapy

To achieve full body infrared coverage one of two options are available. The first is an infrared Sauna the second is a Biomat. The first option you are likely already aware of. With an infrared sauna, you can get full body exposure and they can be quite relaxing and enjoyable. This is a great option provided that you have the space for a sauna either in your home or garage.  While you can put some outside, most people don’t want to put something they just spent $5,000 on outside. Exposure to the weather and elements can significantly shorten the life of your Sauna.  The other limiting factor with a sauna is the amount of time that you can stay in one. This is primarily due to the heat that is generated to produce the far infrared light. While your body is getting heated up on the inside from the far infrared your skin, head, and brain are also heating up. This is the main reason for limiting your time inside a sauna to about 30-45 minutes.  Which unfortunately also limits your infrared exposure.

The second option for your full body infrared therapy is to get the Biomat.  If this is something that you have not heard about, don’t worry you’re not alone. In short, the Biomat is an FDA approved infrared medical device that is used in hospitals, doctors offices, and by wellness professionals all over the world. Click on the picture below to watch how the Biomat is relieving pain and improving the health and well being of people around the world.

Kathy Ireland Biomat Interview
CLICK HERE to See the Biomat Interview

Infrared Therapy And So Much More!

Biomat Ultra Comfort Combo

Infrared therapy is a good choice. However, you and your health need the best therapy available. That is why the Richway Biomat is the choice for you.  While most Infrared gadgets clearly deliver some form of Infrared (YES NOT ALL IR IS CREATED EQUALLY). None provide all of the other therapies that you also get with your Biomat. When these therapies are working together, the benefits you receive are truly remarkable.  The list Below is just some of the therapies and elements used that create the Biomat experience.

  • Raw Untreated Amethyst
  • Tourmaline Crystals
  • EMF protection
  • Quantum Energy
  • Orgone Energy
  • Negative Ions
  • Infrared in the Vital Range

Start My 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

With over 3 Million Biomats being used in homes, hospitals, and wellness centers around the US and the world. We know that you are going to enjoy and love the many health benefits that your Biomat offers.  We have also learned that during our 20 years providing the Biomat to clients is that the last thing we need to worry about is a return. Because you will not want to be without your Biomat once you own one! That is why you get a 30-day money back guaranty when you buy the Biomat.  So order now or give us call at (844) 246-6287">1-844-Biomats Today.

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