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The Richway Biomat truly is an “experience type product.” Meaning, once you have your Biomat and your friends, family, or clients experience the unique benefits that only a Genuine Richway Biomat provides.  There is an extremely high likelihood that some who tried or heard about your experience with The Biomat  will want to get one for their own well being. 

Become a Biomat Distributor Today

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New Distributors Immediately get the following:

  • 20% Starting Commission* 
  • Earn 20% Certificates per sell* Can be used for Major Discounts on Richway Products
  • Earn Sales Volume Bonus of up to  $400 -$1200*
  • A Biomat website that allows you to learn more… and place your customer orders
  • Ability to sponsor new Biomat Distributors. Which helps your Sales Volume.

New Distributors Immediately get the following:

  1.   Joining is simple, just order your Distributor Kit ($80 total)
  •  This is a LIFETIME Membership.. Meaning NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEES!!
  • No Sales Quotas
  • No Need To Order Inventory in advance. 
  • Orders Directly Drop ship to your customers 

When you order your Distributor Kit Directly from, we will contact you to welcome you as a new Richway Biomat Distributor. We will also provide you with Richways ISA (Independent Sales Associate) Agreement. Once completed Richway will mail you your Distributor Kit and we can get you started as a Biomat Distributor. 

  1.   This is outdated and not required. Most current comp plans are being sent with this feedback.


Becoming a Richway Biomat Distributor is an exciting time. Particularly when you first start on your Biomat journey. That is Why for the first 45 Days you are a Biomat Distributor, you will be able to earn a 20% COMMISION on All Biomats…. On ALL BioAcoustic Mats you sale!!! 

You will Also receive a 20% PRODUCT CERTIFICATE on All Biomats…. On ALL BioAcoustic Mats you sale!!! These act as “coupons” that can be used to get up to 70% off of Richway Products!!!! 

The Richway Fast Start Program really helps to make the most of your first few steps to becoming a great Biomat Distributor. These are also the amongst the HIGHEST levels of compensation that Richway offers. Allowing you to get a sneak peak of the potential you can have as a top level Richway Distributor.

1. Commission of Sales 

You earn a direct commission for every product you sell,, and commission cheques are sent two weeks after the sale is made. The benefits is that your earning potential is unlimited and directly related to how many sales you make. There are no sale targets and no time limits.

2. Earn from Sales Volume 

 By becoming a Biomat distributor, you can also make residual income with the binary bonus payment system. You accumulate “bonus points” for each sale that you AND your team of Distributors who join you () makes. These bonus points add up over time and can lead to Binary Payments based off sales volume of $400, $800, or even $1200 Based on your Level as a Distributor.

Additional Bonuses

As you grow your business and sell more Biomat products, there are additional bonuses:

Product Certificates: Along with the commission, you also receive apercentage  10% of the order value as gift certificates, also known as product certificates. You can accumulate these and redeem it for any of the Richway Family of products.

In addition to Earning Product Certificates from Sales. You will also earn then from Binary sales Volume Payouts. Meaning if you Earn A $400 Sales Volume Bonus… YOU WILL ALSO GET A $400 PRODUCT CERTIFICATE!!!   

Advancement Certificates: Each time you ascend to the next level as a Richway Biomat Distributor, you will be awarded a Product Certificate Between $400- $1600 based on your rank. 

Achievement Level Bonus:  Earn a little extra every time you move up. ISAs receive a Product Certificate just for leveling up.

  • Reaching Gold Level…………………………Receive a $400 Product Certificate
  • Reaching Emerald Level…………………… Receive a $800 Product Certificate
  • Reaching Diamond Level…….…………….. Receive a $1,200 Product Certificate
  • Reaching Royal Family Level …………….… Receive a $1,600 Product Certificate

Diamond Club: When you reach the level of Diamond level Distributor you have shown you got what it takes to not only provide the benfits of the Biomat to new Customers. But you are also capable of providing guidance and leadership to your growing network of contacts and Biomat Distributors. On becoming a Diamond level ISA, you will be eligible for the Diamond Club. There are several rewards to the Diamond Club, such as:

  • Product certificates values will double from 10% up to 20% of your future Sales. 
  • You are eligible for the auto allowance program and office space allowance program.

Auto Allowance: Auto allowance feature is only available for the top 2 levels of Biomat Distributors. Auto allowance entitles you to receive an additional 10% of your monthly binary bonus checks towards your car loan each month, up $1000. The term of the allowance is up to 5 years.

Office Space Support Program: If you have received 12 consecutive binary bonus checks, you become eligible for the office space allowance. As a part of the office space support program, you receive an allowance that can be applied towards a leased or owned office space. Allowing you to showcase your Biomat goods or biomat trial center.

Diamond Club – M12 Bonus:  M12 Bonus is a new challenge available to Diamond Club Members. Receive 10% of all your directly sponsored downline’s Binary Bonuses for that month, when you generate at least $6,000 in Personal Business Volume within any calendar month.

Generate $6,000 in PBV ……………… 10% of Directly Sponsored Downline’s Binary Payout

Diamond Club – M18 Bonus:  The M18 Bonus is an additional special bonus for Royal Family Members that signed up for the Diamond Club. Earn 2% of all your downline’s gross Business Volume for that month when you generate at least $9,000 in Personal Business Volume within any calendar month.

Generate $9,000 in PBV ………………… 2% of all Sponsored Downline’s Business Volume

Become a Biomat Distributor Today!!!

The Truth is, there is no other product that provides the benefits that only a Genuine Richway Biomat can Provide. Another fact is, Many Clients, Family members, or Friends of people who have a Biomat… OFTEN GET A BIOMAT!!! 

Why Not Be The One To Provide It To Them?

Being A Richway Biomat Distributor is a great way to provide all the Benefits and earn a fair income while doing so. How much of an income you want to earn is up to you. But Richway’s multiple ways to earn or receive Product Certificates for Discounted Biomats allows Distributors the possibility of a substantial income.

Order your Biomat distributor kit Directly from and let us help you succeed. you will receive professional support, including brochure templates, website templates, and sales tools.

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