Demo Biomat

Demo Biomat

Demo Biomat

At we are passionate about sharing the many health benefits of the Richway Biomat with as many people as possible.  We do this by attending many trade shows, as well as; having people try the Biomat at our Trail Center in Hawaii. A Demo Biomat is born at the end of a trade show or at the end of the month when we replace the Biomats at our Trial Center. In the past, we would donate these Biomats as we would not sell them. However, Over the 20 years that Richway & Fuji Bio has been in operation. It was realized that some customers had already spent untold amounts on therapies or treatments that they needed or just had a very strict budget. Knowing this, made the Demo Biomat available to our customers. While the number of Demo Biomats we can offer is limited. It is your best choice for getting the benefits of a New Biomat at a price that fits the budget.

Biomat Best Price

Hands down provides the best pricing on like new Demo Biomats. This is key as it allows you to make the most of your hard-earned money when getting the Biomat. If the Biomat is for a loved one who you know needs it, but may not be able to afford one. Then a Demo Biomat of gift-quality from is the best choice for your wallet and your loved one’s needs.

Best Quality

Your Demo Biomat is Guaranteed to be no more than a month old with some only being demonstrated at trade shows for as little as 1 day. All Demo Biomats purchased directly from are covered with the Biomat Water Proof Cover or the Quantum Energy Pad. This ensures you are getting the Best Quality Biomat without anyone having been in direct contact with your Biomat. This White Glove Treatment is a far cry from what you get if you get a Used Biomat from a stranger… STOP STRANGER DANGER!!! Demo Biomat Vs Used Biomat

Used Biomat… Any Time you entered the Used Market it is often a buyer beware environment. This is true of a used Biomat as well. It really comes back to the age-old question. Why are you selling your used Biomat? The chart below may help to shed some light on that question, although it is safe to say you may not want a used biomat after reviewing the chart.

I Want A Demo Biomat:

Act now and be one of the first people to be offered a Like New Biomat at the Best Possible Pricing.  Availability is limited and these Demo Biomats are provided on a first come first serve bases.


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27 thoughts on “Demo Biomat”

  1. Hello,
    I am a caretaker for an owner that allows my daughter who has autism, and myself with menopause, to use her biomat and sauna when she is away. I was looking for how to best clean the mat when I saw this offer. I will be leaving this summer and will be interested in being able to continue therapy.

    1. Sonja,
      It is good to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying the Biomat. We do have several demo Biomats available which would allow you to continue using the Biomat even after you leave your current location. By getting a Demo Biomat, you will get the same great Biomat experience you have enjoyed while also getting the most value for your hard earned dollar. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-844-Biomats (844) 246-6287 to get your Demo Biomat. Or email us at [email protected]

      1. Kimberly Davis

        I too am interested in purchasing a demo mat! My back pain has led me to a Holistic Chiropractor and she has recommended that I purchase this mat.
        I believe it this will help me and also my husband greatly!

        1. Kimberly,
          Thanks for taking the time to share your story. While the Biomat offers many benefits, it’s Core Target is to help manage pain (Provide Temporary Pain Relief of minor pain). It is a natural alternative to pain management and has the added benefits of providing many holistic energies to the body. That go Far beyond infrared and negative ions. As for Getting one of our Demo Biomats, this is also a great way to get the Biomat Energy your body need, at a price point that will help stretch your hard earned Dollar. We will send you an email with more info on our current stock and look forward to you being able to use your Like New Biomat Very soon!!!

    1. Walter,
      Getting a Demo Biomat directly from our Trial Center is a great way to get the a Biomat in Like New condition, while still getting the best price on your Richway Biomat. Please feel free to email us directly or give us a call to let us know which size Demo Biomat you were interested in. [email protected] or call us at 1-844-Biomats (844) 246-6287 to save on your Demo Biomat.

    2. Stephanie Kennelly

      Every morning I wake up stiff and in pain. Then after working out I’m in pain. I would really appreciate being able to get a demo mat.

      1. Stephanie,

        Adding the Biomat to your daily routine may be a great way to help address the issues you describe. The Richway Biomat is specifically designed to help manage “temporary pain” naturally. Getting these benefits at the Demo Biomat pricing is also a great way to help make your hard earned dollars go further. We are located in Hawaii and will contact you when our office opens tomorrow morning.

  2. Julie Groskreutz

    Hello, I have been a massage therapist for 13 years. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia & I had to cut back a bit on my clients because of it. I am very interested in a demo mat for my treatment table & for my own use. Please let me know how to purchase a demo mat.

  3. Thank you for providing this awesome product. I have fibromyalgia and joint disease and your products are a God send please tell me how I can buy a discounted demo unit. I was a FF&EMT for 25 years.

    Thank you

    1. Eileen,
      Thank you for letting us know about your experience with the Richway Biomat. The Biomat was specifically designed as a 510k FDA approved medical device, which makes it ideal for Temporary pain relief where applied. Add to that the many Holistic concepts that are only available in with a Genuine Richway Biomat, and you are in for an experience that nothing else can compare too. We have sent you an email that you can either respond to or you can give us a call at 1-844-Biomats (844) 246-6287 so that you can Get the Best for your wellbeing at an amazingly discounted price demo price.

    1. Nichelle,

      Demo Biomats from our Trial centers are the best choice when it comes to getting a Genuine Richway Biomat at the best price. They are protected by either the Quantum Energy Pad or The Germanium Power Pad 187 while in your show room. Additionally, because they are replaced each month, most have been in the show room for less than 30 days. This provides the best quality and best pricing on a like new Biomat to our customers.
      Because of this, a Military or Veteran discount is typically not compatible with the already Big savings provided. However, The Founder of is currently serving in the Military (18 years Active duty Navy) and is always willing to help out his fellow veterans when possible. We will forward your request to him and he may try and contact you if there is anyway he can help you get the Biomat at the best price.

  4. Are there any of the bed sized ones as gently used demos? My husband and I both have daily pain (I am recovering from Late Stage Lyme Disease and he has a shoulder injury) so we are looking to “heal two birds with one stone” while we sleep. He also works in IT and spends a lot of time around EMF devices. We think that might also be contributing to some of his physical concerns. We both LOVE the BioMats at our acupuncturist’s office! (I keep telling her I’ve bonded with it, but so far she hasn’t let it follow me home.)

    1. Anya,
      It is great to hear of your Bonding experience with your Acupuncturist’s Biomat. In the off chance she does not chose to part with it and let you take it home… you do have the option to “Bond” with one ouf our Demo Biomats… AT A GREAT PRICE!!! Most of our Demo Biomats are of the Biomat Professional, Biomat Mini, & BioBelt. We Do have some of the Bed Size Biomats. But in all honesty, I think we can meet your needs at better price point with several of the smaller Biomats rather than the full bed size ones. In either case we will give you a call to let you know what we have and the pricing for the bed size Demo Biomat. As well as some of our feedback and recommendations that are based on years of helping Customers get the right Biomat for their unique needs.

  5. Hi there! I serve the cancer and veteran community with pain relief and PTSD informed modalities. I have used this amazing mat in the past and have just had a major surgery (from mastectomy complications) and am looking for assistance in my recovery. I would also like to incorporate this mat with my cancer and veteran community. Can you guys help me accomplish this non profit mission?

    1. Amanda,
      Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We are glad to hear that you have enjoyed your Biomat Experience in the past. Additionally, your work with the Veteran community is very important and is a topic that is very dear to us, As the Founder of is has been in the Navy and is 19 years and Is always trying to do his part to help his fellow vets. We will have a member of our staff contact you shortly to discuss what we can do to help.

  6. Hi!
    I first heard about Richways Biomats, several years ago, through my holistic health practitioner.
    Although I have always wanted one, I really need one now. I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation disease about 7 months ago.
    My doctor thinks the loss of my sister, started the major stress I’ve experienced for the past 4 years.
    I’ve worked hard at healing myself but nothing is helping me.
    It’s so interesting that I’ve been wishing I could get a biomat.
    I had no idea about the demo biomats!
    Is it possible that I may be able to get one?
    Thank you for reading my story!
    Carol G

    1. Carol,
      Thanks for reaching out to us, We will give you a call to let you know about the availability and pricing of our Demo Biomat. When We speak, we can also talk about the New BioAcoustic Mat. Which based on the description as to the reason for wanting the Biomat, may be a great combination for you.

  7. Why would someone want to buy a used Biomat? I feel like the answer is obvious.. because a lot of us cannot afford a full price Biomat. Because some of us spent their life savings trying to figure out why they felt so sick, and doctors took years to figure out it was Lyme disease, because Lyme Literate Doctors are extremely expensive and not covered by insurances. Because a lot of us are out of work either because of covid or because we are too weak to work…
    Is such a horrible feeling knowing that the only thing between me and feeling a bit better, or having my life back is money. So tired of being sick and wasting my life away without being able to do much about it because I cannot afford it, and us people with Lyme and co infections get absolutely no financial help whatsoever, and because some people in this country still deny chronic lyme is real, is almost impossible to get disability over lyme, in fact is impossible, some people manage to get it for some lyme symptoms but have to be attributed to something else, something that doctors thing is real.. so unfair and wrong.. I wish someone would help us 🙁

    1. Micaela,
      Thanks for taking the time to write to us, and also for doing the “Heavy Lifting” with regard to your question. It is exactly for the reasons you listed (and unfortunately more). The Biomat is specifically designed as a 510k Medical Device to help provide Temporary Pain Relief, Pain Management, & More. That Aspect of the Biomat along with the many holistic concepts that are built into, really makes it extremely unique. fully realizes that the amount of natural (not synthetic) Amethyst that goes into the Biomat and the multiple layers of EMF protection, & organic materials that are needed to make one is expensive. By Providing our Demo Biomats, we are able to help people who are on tighter budgets or who have like in your discerption: Had their funds pulled in 5 different directions trying to find something that will best suite their unique needs.
      A Demo Biomat from our Trial Centers, are the best option. It allows the customer to get a “Like New” Biomat at a great price and eliminates all the Unknowns that come with one from craigslist or similar venues. Fun Fact: Did you know the average Craigslist Biomat we have seen are about 2.1 LBS heavier than a new (or a demo Biomat from our trial center) and is about 7 years old? Can you Say “Dead Skin Cells?”
      We will reach out to you Micaela and see if our Demo Pricing can help you get the Biomat.

  8. I would be very Iintetested in an opportunity to buy a demo Biomat mini. My husband suffers from a very painful joint disease, polymialgia rheumatica. He is 82, retired and he is a veteran. Cannot afford a new one. Please, let me know if/when a demo becomes available. Thank you for your time and consideration ~Maggie~

    1. Maggie,
      Thanks for reaching out to us. We actually have two Demo Mini Biomats available from our showroom. We had a Professional available however, that Has already been purchased. We will reach out to you to let you know the Demo Pricing.

  9. Hi! I am very interested in a demo biomat as I suffer from a bulging disc and SI joint pain. Am getting PRP treatment in August and my doctor recommended far infrared heat as part of rehab therapy and my new reiki master has a Biomat on her massage table which was dreamy to experience! Please let me know what my options are and if I can be placed on a waiting list if nothing is available right now. Thank you!

    1. Stephanie,
      It is great to hear that you have already had experience with the Biomat and that you know that the Biomat offers many forms of benefits beyond just the infrared that your Doctor has recommended. With regard to the Demo Biomat, we will contact you to let you know which sizes we currently have available. However, you actually contacted us during our 4th of July Sales Event (2021). Which means that there are several options available to you when getting your Biomat!!!

      1. hi there,
        I’m interested in a demo. I’ve been using the biomat 3000 for the past year. I purchased from a retiring naturopath. The electronics stopped working. These mats are the best and want to replace this broken one.

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