Biomat Winter Bundle Sale

Biomat Winter Bundle Sale

Winter is the best time to get your Biomat and with the Richway BIOMAT WINTER BUNDLE SELL, you can get the BEST VALUE when you buy your Biomat direct from When you bundle select Richway Biomat Items together, you can get a FREE BIOMAT PILLOW, A FREE 30-90 DAY SUPPLY OF MEGA BIO CLEANSE 365, OR YOU CAN GET UP TO TWO FREE BIOMAT PILLOWS!!!

There has never been a sale like this before, so make the most of your Biomat purchase and get one of these free items when you order today. The Biomat Winter Bundle Sell is available until 22 December 2018 or while supplies last. Don’t miss out on this exclusive BIOMAT SELL, an opportunity like this may never be available again.

Biomat Winter Sale Sets


Richway Biomat Pillow

If you want that extra support and gentle infrared and negative ion exposure to your neck, face, and head while you sleep… AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, then you

    1. Biomat Professional and the Quantum Energy Pad
    2. Biomat Professional and the Biomat Mini
    3. Single Size Biomat and the Single size Quantum Energy Pad
    4. King or Queen Size Orgone Biomat and the King/Queen Size Quantum energy pad

FREE MEGA BIO CLEANSE 365: NORMALLY $250.00 to $100.00 NOW FREE!!!


The Biomat is a great tool on its own, but when you pair that with the benefit potential of the Mega Bio Cleanse 365 you have both internal and external activity working together to offer the best experience. If you want to have a 90 day or 30 day supply of this gut health supplement then the Biomat Winter Bundle for is below. (Learn More about Mega Bio Cleanse 365)

  1. Biomat Professional and Biomat Pillow. Will Earn you the 90 Day Supply
  2. Biomat Mini and BioBelt. Will Earn you the 30 Day Supply


For those who know they want the best Biomat experience every single night!!! Getting one of the Biomat Winter Bundle sets below will offer you the best value saved and the best full body Biomat experience for you.

1) King/Queen Biomat and the King/Queen Quantum Energy Pad. Order today before this one time offer slips away… You can order direct from or by calling us at 1-844-Biomats to get the best deal on your Richway Biomats.


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