Biomat Summer Sale 2020

Biomat Sale

Biomat Summer Sale, Free Gift With Biomat*

Now is the BEST TIME TO GET YOUR BIOMAT!!! The Biomat Summer Sale will allow you to not only get all the benefits of your Richway Biomat. Now you can actually get a Free Gift on qualifying orders When your Order from now until September 19th 2020.

Order your Direct From To ensure your order qualifies for These Great Sales Offers. Have Questions? Give us a call at 1-844-Biomats (844) 246-6287. This also means you WILL GET Your 3 Year Warranty.  You will also have the peace of mind knowing that you are Getting a Genuine Richway Biomat.

Free Biomat Aroma Stand!!!

Biomat controller holder Order the Biomat Professional Set (or any combination over $2000) and GET A FREE Biomat Aroma Stand! This stand is specifically made to provide a safe place to put your Biomat controller. This is ideal for those who will be using the Biomat in a Professional environment such as a Doctors office, or a massage therapy location.

For home use, not only does it it clear up vital night stand counter space. It is also a much safer location for your controller. Especially if there is concern about a small child or pet nocking over your Biomat Controller.

Not only does it hold your Controller, But it is also a Passive Aroma Stand. This will help to make your Biomat experience even more enjoyable.  Your FREE Biomat Aroma Stand is a $200.00 Value!!! Order Today to Get your!.

There are Many Befits of Aroma Therapy.  Add the Biomat Aroma Stand to your Biomat Experience… FOR FREE!!!

ORDER The Biomat Professional Set Today.

Free BioAmethyst Cushion

Bioamathyst CushionOrder a Biomat Professional & the All New BioAcoustic Mat (Or any combination over $3000) and get A FREE BioAmethyst Cushion.

What is is The BioAcoustic Mat?  In short, a tool that works with your Biomat the actually increases the effectiveness of your Biomat by up to 3 times!!! It will also Add Binary Entertainment and low frequency Vibrations that will penetrate into your entire body. Click Here Learn More!!! 

The BioAmethyst Cushion is equipped with the Elusive Germanium Power Pad 187 layer. Which will allow this versatile Cushion provide peak infrared to the body with out the need for an internal heating source.  This makes it ideal for those who want to get Biomat energy without the extra heat. It’s small foot print makes it great for use in an office chair or while driving and can be placed flat on the seat or against your lower back.


FREE BioBelt With Qualifying Purchase

D Richway Biobelt uring the Biomat Summer Sale, Order either A King Size Biomat or the Single Size Biomat with the Single Size BioAcoustic mat, and you will get  A FREE BIOBELT!!! This is a $550.00 Value and a great addition to either option. As it will allow you to target key areas of your body with vital Biomat Energies.

Summer Sale Starts July 5th

Order yours Biomat today as this is a limited time offer. Have questions on your Free Gift? Give us a call at 1-844-Biomats (844) 246-6287 and speak to one of our Biomat Experts.


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5 thoughts on “Biomat Summer Sale 2020”

  1. Please update me on any current free gift items with purchase. I noticed an older offer for the belt and bioacoustics cushion. Thank you.

    Annette C, RN
    Reiki Practitioner

    1. Annette,
      Thanks for writing to us about any special or promotions that may be offering with the purchase of the Biomat. The summer sale that you referenced was one of the best times to get your Biomat or BioAcoustic Mat as the addition of the Free BioBelt is a great free gift that would enhance your session if used at the same time or could allow for 2 people to get benefits at the same time. We will have our Staff reach out to you and provide you more info on what is currently being offered.

  2. I recently purchased an acoustic mat. Are there any specials on biomat controller stand or other items that I would qualify for? I already have a biomat professional pad and mini pad.
    Susan Vogel

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Biomat Summer Sale 2020

Biomat Summer Sale, Free Gift With Biomat* Now is the BEST TIME TO GET YOUR BIOMAT!!! The Biomat Summer Sale will allow you to not only get all the benefits of your Richway Biomat. Now you

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