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Biomat Repair

Biomat Repair

The Biomat has been available for over 24 Years and there are still many customers who have their original Biomat. But like all things that have been heavily loved. There may come a time when you need to have your Biomat either replaced or repaired. We found that may people use their Biomat Every Day or even sleep on it every night.

Biomat Repair

While the Biomat Comes with a 3 year warranty. Some people may have the need to get a new Biomat beyond the warranty window.  Should this happen please contact us, as you may qualify for the Biomat Repair Program or the Biomat replacement Program. These programs are designed to help past customers continue to enjoy the benefits of the Biomat, without having to pay the full price of buying a New Biomat.  While there Is still a cost associated with these programs, It is significantly less than the the full price alternative. Which is actually a great benefit when you have a Genuine Richway Biomat. Because what other Medical equipment or home appliance offers a program like this once you’re out of your warranty? If your Vacuum, TV, or even your treadmill or exercise bike goes out… well I think we all know the Full $ price answer to that question.

Types of Biomat Repair

  • Biomat Warranty:  This is the standard warranty that comes with all new Richway Biomat that are ordered directly from Biomats.com, BioAcousticMat.com, or when ordering from an other Richway Distributor. This is a 3 Year Warranty that starts from the day your Biomat is delivered. In the rare case that you encounter a malfunction with your Biomat. Contact your Biomat Distributor to start a warranty claim. Depending on when the claim is made, there will be either No repair or replacement cost and Shipping may be covered by Richway. For full details please Richway Fuji Bio’s Warranty .
  • Biomat Repair Program:  If your Biomat is outside the 3 Year standard Warranty than you may qualify for the Biomat Repair Program. This will require that you to return the Damaged Biomat and Richway will make a repair to the Biomat and send it back you. This may be a suitable option if the topic you are requesting a repair for is small or serviceable. A minimal charge is applied to employ this option.
Biomat warranty


  • Biomat Replacement Program: This Program allows you to get a new Biomat to replace your Original Biomat. This is perhaps the best of the repair programs once you are outside your warranty window. Under this program you will be able to get a fully new Biomat to replace your old Biomat. This program has a moderate cost, but when you also consider that you will not have to return your older Biomat back to Richway, like you do with the repair program. It is often times actually an even better deal in most cases.

For those who have had their Biomat for 10-15 years or Longer!!! The Biomat Replacement Program is the Best option, because you will not be getting a replacement of the exact same older model… YOU WILL BE GETTING THE NEWEST BIOMAT!!! With UPGRADED, Technologies and built in Holistic Concepts that were not available in your oder Biomat. Depending on what model you had, you will see, in Increase in the heating element size, The addition of concepts of Quantum Energy, Orgone Energy, and Sacred Geometry built into your Replacement Biomat. Not to mention a higher negative ion output due to the addition of Richway’s exclusive TOCA Layer.

Request a Repair or Replacement

If you are in need of a Biomat replacement or repair, please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to get you started. If you have the items below ready it will help us process your request.

Items/info needed: (you can email to [email protected] after we have called you to see which program is ideal for you)

  1. Are you the Original Owner?
  2. Copy of the Original Invoice. (If you do not have this, we might still be able to look you up by your name and contact info, but the Original invoice is the best)
  3. Date of order. (this will be on the invoice or we will know if we look you up)
  4. Pictures of the Biomat and the Serial number (Located on the back of the controller)

Please leave your contact information and we will have a member who handles Repair and Replacement Request contact you.